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Would you support sending U.S. ground troops abroad to help fight Islamic terrorists if the White House strategy of arming and training Syrian rebels doesn’t work?

Yes. : 2548
No. : 4113
Not sure. : 445
Total Votes: 7106

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Independent Scotland
Do you think Scotland should become an independent nation?

Yes. : 1832
No. : 3062
Not sure. : 661
Total Votes: 5555

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Justice system
Do you support the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement officers?

Yes. : 3794
No. : 330
Not sure. : 135
Total Votes: 4259

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Gloomy economy
Do you trust Democrats or Republicans more to handle America’s economy?

Democrats. : 4104
Republicans. : 3272
Not sure. : 241
Total Votes: 7617

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Carney vs. McCain
Who won in Wednesday night's CNN spat between former press secretary Jay Carney and Sen. John McCain?

Carney. : 3666
McCain. : 3917
Not sure. : 742
Total Votes: 8325

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Battle strategy
Are you confident in the plan that President Obama laid out Wednesday night to eliminate ISIL?

Yes. : 1761
No. : 2888
Not sure. : 429
Total Votes: 5078

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Losing trust
Do you trust the federal government to adequately handle international problems such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant?

Yes. : 2166
No. : 2972
Not sure. : 219
Total Votes: 5357

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Cutting ties
Do you think the NFL is too “lenient” or “cavalier” when it comes to addressing players accused of domestic violence?

Yes. : 3458
No. : 618
I'm not sure. : 161
Total Votes: 4237

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Punting the ball
Do you think it’s a good idea for President Obama to wait to take action on immigration reform until after Election Day?

Yes. : 3572
No. : 2612
I'm not sure. : 406
Total Votes: 6590

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Sunday shows
Do you think Chuck Todd will be a successful host on NBC’s “Meet the Press”?

Yes. : 3221
No. : 3302
I'm not sure. : 923
Total Votes: 7446

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Are you 'addicted' to your mobile phone?
  Maybe a little!
  Not really.
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