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Overall, do you think air travel will be safer as a result of the new flight rules?
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"New Pilot Rules Prompted By Flight 3407 Crash in Clarence"
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12/21/2011 11:15AM
Today: New Pilot Rules Prompted By Flight 3407 Crash in Clarence
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12/23/2011 7:20PM
other theories
The statements of eyewitnesses on the ground strongly support the conclusion that mechanical problems brought down flt 3407, not pilot error. It is probable that a malfunctioning propeller control unit(PCU) caused the prop to 'disc,' resulting in an uncommanded roll which led to the crash. Pieces of the engine were never found, and numerous people in the neighborhood said the plane was on fire as it came down. The plane was two hours late taking off from Newark because they were doing mechanical repairs on it, though that part is strangely absent from the NTSB report.
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Where do you think the crisis with prescription and opiate drugs is headed?
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