Still More Snow

Lake Effect Snow Warning: Chau. & Catt; Advisory in Orleans & Allegany

>The National Weather Service has removed southern Erie County from it's LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING  but areas in the Southern Tier  continue to get heavy snow. 

Chautauqua & Cattaraugus are stil under a Snow WARNING, while Orleans & Allegany are in an advisory status
Lockdown Lifted

15 Year-Old Boy Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up School

Sherman, NY (WBEN) A Chautauqua County high school student was arrested on Friday after posting a threatening message to Facebook. 

New York State Police tell WBEN News that the boy was taken into custody shortly before 9:30 am. "The State Police were called by the school at approxianmtely 8:30 am and told of the message posted on Facebook, said New York State Police Captain, Eric
Closing Time


Heavy snows have prompted a couple of schools to shut down Friday.  Click the headline for the latest list.

Massive pile-up on I-90

PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WBEN/AP) -- As the lake effect snow pounded the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio border area Thursday, authorities say highway crews and law enforcement officers are working to clear an Ohio road where a chain reaction crash in snowy conditions caused a pileup of more than 50 vehicles.

Men Face Charges in Connection with Body Found

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) Two Western New York men are facing charges in connection with a man who was found stabbed to death.

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