Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson
No Threat

Obama: No Credible Intelligence About Plot Against US

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama says there's currently no specific, credible intelligence that would indicate a potential terrorist plot in the U.S. during the holidays.

One Dead After Car Crashes into House

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - One person is dead after a car crashed into a house on Davidson near Leonard on Buffalo's east side.  When police and fire crews arrived on the scene the car was completely penetrating the front of the house.

Protests Erupt in Chicago After Video Release

CHICAGO (WBERN/AP) -- The white officer who shot a black Chicago teen 16 times has been charged with murder and jailed. The graphic video of the slaying has been made public. And in the hours after the footage was released, protesters seemed to honor pleas for restraint.

Daily Fantasy Sports: What's Next?

NEW YORK (WBEN/AP) -- A judge is expected to hear different interpretations of how the country's two biggest daily fantasy sports companies operate at a hearing Wednesday on whether the businesses should be allowed to continue operating in New York.
Travel Tips

Travel Tips for the Airport's Busy Season

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) - If you're heading out to see family (or maybe running away from them) Wednesday, transportation officials are hoping you will follow a few tips help to keep things at the airport moving.
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