Guilty Plea Tosses Markel off Cheektowaga Town Board

 (WBEN) Charles Markel, a member of the Cheektowaga Town Board since 2008, has lost his seat after pleading guilty for lying about unemplyment benefits he didn't deserve.

Ford's Mustang Hits 50

Buffalo, NY (WBEN/AP) - Mustang Owners across the country are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their favorite car this week.
Clinton v Bush?

Poll: Another Clinton Bush Matchup?

A Marist Poll says Hillary Clinton has the edge over all of the likely Republican candidates--including new frontrunners Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee at the top of the Republican preferences.

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Bills to Falls?

Ceretto Backs Bills to Falls

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) Assemblyman John Ceretto says he wants to start talks to bring the Bills to Niagara Falls.

Sabres Shuffle Coaching Staff Deck

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo Sabres are making coaching changes.
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  Jeb Bush
  Chris Christie
  Ted Cruz
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  Rand Paul
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