Massive Pallet Warehouse Fire in Hamburg

Several Hamburg area fire companies have been on the scene of a large mutual aid fire at a pallet warehouse on Lake Ave. in Hamburg.
Big Bucks

How Much More Money will HarborCenter Bring?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Amateur sports are a big draw in Western New York, and tourism officials say HarborCenter will only add to the till.

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Second American Killed Fighting for ISIS

A second American from the Minneapolis area has been killed while fighting for the Islamic State of of Iraq and Syria, according to family and friends.

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Day in Court

Jetter Pleads Not Guilty

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) Embattled Hamburg Schools Superintendent Richard Jetter pleads not guilty to a charge of filing a false report.

John Lennon's Killer Sorry for Being 'an Idiot'

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - John Lennon's imprisoned killer says he still gets letters about the pain he has caused.
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