Herschel Walker, Donald Trump

Are the Buffalo Bills Responsible for Donald Trump's Candidacy?

WASHINGTON (WBEN/AP) -- Donald Trump's flirtation with professional football lasted for three decades. He never ended up with an NFL franchise despite repeated demonstrations of interest.
Had his 2014 bid for the Buffalo Bills worked out, he probably wouldn't be running for president now.

Bills Win?

What If?: CBS Runs A "Buffalo Wins" Super Bowl 25 Sketch

If you turned on the TV at just the right time yesterday, you might have thought you were living in a fantasy land.  Before kickoff, CBS ran a feature in which Bills won four straight Super Bowls.

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Donald Trump
New Hampshire

Trump aiming for New Hampshire win, rivals aim to survive

GOP front-runner Donald Trump is aiming for his first win in New Hampshire's fast-approaching primary/  Democrat Hillary Clinton, facing an uphill campaign in the state against Bernie Sanders, took a trip to Michigan.

With the otherwise intense race for the White

In Albany, Bharara Talking About Corrpution

 Federal prosecutor Preet Bharara is heading to Albany - a place he has sharply condemned as the epicenter of New York's political corruption.
Extra Lane

What Could Extra Lane Mean for Traffic Flow on Eastbound 90?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Thruway eastbound between the 33 and Cleveland Drive can become a bottleneck during rush hour. A proposed new lane could help alleviate some jams says one expert.
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