Lackawanna Six

Nagi's Lackawanna Six Connections Stretch to 2002

(WBENM/AP)  Arafat Nagi's ties to possible jihad stretch as far back as 2002 and the arrest of the Lackawanna Six. And the criminal complaint against him hints that one of them might have been the one that tipped authorities to his alleged plans.
US. vs Nagi

READ The Criminal Complaint Against Arafat Nagi

"Based on my experience and training, I believe that ... Nagi has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and al-Baghdadi as his emir" 
--    FBI Agent Amanda Pike

Electricity Cut

West Side Power Outage Now Set for Friday

After some folks in Allentown complained they weren't notified about a planned power outage,  National Grid is now cutting electricity in parts of the lower west side Friday

Bills Training Camp Kicking Off

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -- The first Buffalo Bills practice is tomorrow at St. John Fisher College. With the players all moved in and training camp getting underway, what do you need to know to attend?

Mascia: Campaign is on, Wants to Lead Discussion on Race

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -- Joe Masica, the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Commissioner recently caught on tape using racial slurs referencing Buffalo leaders, announced Wednesday evening that he will not be "silenced" or "sidetracked" and he wants to use this ignominious moment to better things.
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