Sunday WBEN News Roundup

The search for a missing West Seneca woman had the worst possible outcome Saturday. The body of 83-year-old Eugenie Ehlers was recovered from Buffalo Creek. The incident is under investigation.
Future Stars

Aspiring Anthem Singers Flock to Coca-Cola Field

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) They turned by the dozens at Coca-Cola Field to audition for a shot to perform the National Anthem during a Buffalo Bisons game this summer.

Guardsman Killed

Army National Guardsman Killed in Head-On Collision

Yorkshire, NY (WBEN) An Army National Guardsman from Olean was killed this morning after a head-on collision with an ambulance.

Too Far?

Dad Accused of Striking Coach After Daughter Cut From Team

MAHOPAC, N.Y. (AP) - Police say a 46-year-old father punched his daughter's coach after she was cut from the varsity lacrosse team at a Mahopac school.


EXTRA: What Motivated Co-Pilot in Doomed Flight

LONDON (WBEN/AP) -- A disgruntled worker shoots up a workplace. A student opens fire at a high school. A pilot crashes a planeload of people into a mountainside.
"Even if we had all of his medical records and had conducted interviews with him, it would probably still be impossible to explain such an inexplicable act"
Do you think there is any way to prevent a cabin crew member of intentionally sabotaging an airliner?
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