Fighting Gangs

Pridgen: Fighting Gang Violence Needs Full Team Effort

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After Wednesday's double shooting left an 11 year old wounded in critical condition, Buffalo Police believed it was gang related. One Buffalo leader says gang violence is always a concern, and more has to be done to stop it.


Clinton and Lynch Met Privately at Phoenix Airport

NEW YORK (WBEN/AP) -- Former President Bill Clinton spoke with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during an impromptu meeting in Phoenix, but Lynch said the discussion did not involve the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use as secretary of state.
Pigeon Probe

Corruption Probe Could Snare More than Pigeon, Michalek

(WBEN) Iinvestigations that had political consultant Steve Pigeon pleading not guilty to nine charges yesterday, and forced State Supreme Court Justice John Michalek to resign  could just be a starting point.

DA Candidates Have Different Reactions to Corruption Probe

After a State Supreme Court Justice and high ranking political operative were indicted on corruption charges, the three men hoping to be elected Erie County District Attorney as a Democrat have had varied responses.
ID Theft

Man Accused of Impersonating Member of Kevin Hart's Entourage

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A man has been arraigned on charges he stole credit card numbers and impersonating a member of Kevin Hart's entourage.
Do you think Judge John Michalek should receive jail time after pleading guilty to bribery charges?
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