Minimum Wage

Cuomo Launches Another Push for Higher Minimum Wage

(WBEN) Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaking in Buffalo Tuesday morning, pressed again for a hike in the New York State minimum wage, unveiling an initiative that would boost it to $10.50 across the state, and $11. 50 in New York City.
Ben Carson
Ben Carson

Ben Carson Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee, First in GOP Field

 Carson's exploratory committee makes him the first high-profile Republican candidate and only African-American to formally enter the 2016 presidential contest.

Lancaster to Hear Arguments on Redskin Nickname Tonight

Lancaster, NY (WBEN) - As Lancaster prepares for what they call a "community engagement process" on their Redskins mascot and nickname, some are making their positions known in advance.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton used only personal email at State Dept.

(CBS) While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she did not have a government email address and used only a personal email account for government correspondence, according to a report by the New York Times. Citing State Department officials, the Time
William Jefferson Clinton, Lawrence M. Small
Lewinsky Dress

Monica's Dress: Shadow Over Clinton Presidency Included In Portrait

(CBS/AP)  Portrait artist Nelson Shanks says he was never able to get former President Bill Clinton's infidelity out of his mind. So he subtly incorporated it intos the official portrait of Clinton, including a shadow representing Monica Lewinsky's dress
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