DNC Discussion

Hear Here: Analysis & Discussion - Day 1 of the DNC

Will Democrats - or have they already - achieved unity?  What will happen next? How significant were the Sanders and Obama speeches?   

Buffalo's Early News & WBEN.com explore it all after the convention's first day 
Water Mains

Legislator Wants Public Hearing with Water Authority

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After more than a dozen water main breaks in the past week, an Erie County Legislator wants a public hearing with the Erie County Water Authority.

Local Democrats React to Convention Controversy

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Leaked emails suggesting the DNC had played favorites for Hillary Clinton during the primaries is casting a shadow over the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

Community Papers of WNY Shuts Down

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The company that published several Penny Savers and Sun newspapers is stopping the presses.

Do you think the recent water main breaks and reaction to them is exposing corruption and patronage within the Erie County Water Authority?
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