Assault Charges

Jamestown Man Allegedly Critically Injures 6-month-old

(WBEN) -- Steven Spencer, 20, of Jamestown, is charged with reckless assault of a child and second-degree assault and is being held without bail.
Severe Wx

5 New York Tornadoes from Tuesday Storms Confirmed

(AP) --  The worst devastation Tuesday was in the town of Smithfield, between Utica and Syracuse, where four people, including a baby, were killed.

Gas Station Operators Accused of Stealing $1.2 Million in Sales Tax

(WBEN) -- Two Texas men who operate several gas stations in Erie County are arraigned on an indictment charging them with evading $1.2 million dollars in sales tax.

Dems Question Astorino's Work for Radio Firm

(AP/WBEN) -- Democrats are criticizing Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino over work he does for a national radio conglomerate, saying it may violate ethics rules.

Teacher Tenure Fight Gains Momentum in NY

(AP) -- One month after a California judge ruled that job protections for teachers violated children's constitutional rights, activists are using the courts to drive home parents' rights.
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