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"Earthquake Felt in WNY"
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12/31/2011 5:39PM
Earthquake Felt in WNY
Did you feel it?
12/31/2011 6:06PM
Yes, I live in Elma. Lampshades shook, woke up my napping husband! Sounded like thunder, and I felt it!
12/31/2011 6:07PM
Yes, woke my husband up from a nap, and I felt it. Neighbor felt it as well. Sounded like thunder.
12/31/2011 7:35PM
Earthquake Felt
I live just outside of Forestville, Chautauqua Co. Yes I felt it it was very noticeable and it sent one of my dogs running through th livingroom. G.R. Forster
01/01/2012 1:43AM
in NT.
01/01/2012 9:45AM
Heard it.
Near the airport. Didn't feel it but heard it. Thought it was one final firework, haha.
01/02/2012 10:33AM
cats were all crazy acting I keep hearing something like muffled boom Even looked out the window Because my boyfriend said must be a plane (ignorant )no plane or helicopter in sight .so tell us and lets not play guessing games.I live Boston NY
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