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"Earthquake Felt in WNY"
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12/31/2011 5:39PM
Earthquake Felt in WNY
Did you feel it?
12/31/2011 6:06PM
Yes, I live in Elma. Lampshades shook, woke up my napping husband! Sounded like thunder, and I felt it!
12/31/2011 6:07PM
Yes, woke my husband up from a nap, and I felt it. Neighbor felt it as well. Sounded like thunder.
12/31/2011 7:35PM
Earthquake Felt
I live just outside of Forestville, Chautauqua Co. Yes I felt it it was very noticeable and it sent one of my dogs running through th livingroom. G.R. Forster
01/01/2012 1:43AM
in NT.
01/01/2012 9:45AM
Heard it.
Near the airport. Didn't feel it but heard it. Thought it was one final firework, haha.
01/02/2012 10:33AM
cats were all crazy acting I keep hearing something like muffled boom Even looked out the window Because my boyfriend said must be a plane (ignorant )no plane or helicopter in sight .so tell us and lets not play guessing games.I live Boston NY
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Following the German airline crash and all that's been reported about it, how are you feeling about flying?
  I'm more nervous but will still be flying.
  It was an isolated incident and won't stop me from flying.
  Very frightening and I won't fly anytime soon.
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