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"MSG Pulls Sabres Games Off Cable"
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01/01/2012 7:50AM
MSG Pulls Sabres Games Off Cable
Will you make a switch due to the dispute?
01/01/2012 9:23AM
Thank you
Now we will have better things to watch than boring moronic sabres hockey.
01/01/2012 9:28AM
No Switch Here
Heck NO. I love watching the games, but I'll give them up rather than see my cable bill go higher because the greedy MSG coats want more money. I haven't gotten a pay increase and neither have the majority of cable subscribers, why should MSG? Like they don't get enough money now---PAAALLLLEASE!! Money is the route of all evil...let MSG lose some!!
01/01/2012 1:14PM
Hello, 21st century here...
Wake up, this is 2012. Time to dump cable. Period.
01/01/2012 1:29PM
Yawn they fight for millions, we get screwed- what else is new?
1. why are the Sabres on madison Square Garden (MSG) network, a NY station anyways?????? 2. Picked a great time to negotiate MSG, when the sabres suck. You are saving us all the pain of watching them loose. 3. So now will our cable go down since we are not getting MSG station????
01/01/2012 6:55PM
I've heard that MSG and DirecTV have a common ownership and have iterlocking corporate board of directors membership. This explains why MSG is quick to recommend the switch ti DTV or Fios. Fios has a relationship with DTV as their websites show. So by grossly overcharging TWC they gain DTV viewers or increase profit by overcharging TWC. Also, previously Dish Network dropped MSG for similar reasons by similar pressure.
01/01/2012 8:49PM
MSG & DirecTV have common ownership
MSG and DirecTV have common ownership and interlocking corporate boards of directors. MSG benifts by grossly overcharging TWC and even more by suggesting the switch to DTV. A look at the Fios Website makes it clear that Fios and DTV work together as well. Dishnetwork was forced to drop MSG for very much the same reasons.
01/01/2012 10:36PM
Bye Bye MSG
GREEDY MSG CABLE COMPANYS DO YOU A JUSTICE IN REBROADCASTING YOUR CHANNEL WHICH. ALLOWS MORE VIEWERS AND YOU WANT MORE MONEY. I SAY THE HELL WITH YOU give your viewers a roof antennas and see how long you stay in bussiness dish networks you pulled your. Channel from now time warner next year it will be direct tv and yes fios so dont blame the cable companys its the greedy networks
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