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"Niagara County Leaders Call for SPCA Investigation"
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01/03/2012 2:56PM
Niagara County Leaders Call for SPCA Investigation
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01/03/2012 7:56PM
Public Problem
If in fact, 500 animals were put to sleep in a 6 week period, shouldnt the public hold some of the blame? Its not like the SPCA just picks these animals out of your home while you are away. They generally are dropped off there. What else is the SPCA supposed to do? I guess I am not saying those actions are right, but like Bob Barker says 'have your pet spayed or neutered".
01/03/2012 10:36PM
Too Bad
I hope some of the charges are not true but if they are at least people will be held accountable presuming the investigation is legitimate.
01/04/2012 8:30AM
The Buzzzz
Over the 15 years I have lived in NC, it has been rumored over and over again, that most animals sent to NCSPCA are euthanized very quickly. Because of this, I choose to do business with, and donate to, the ECSPCA. How many of the 500 euthanized would be in nice homes by now, if given a little time and some type of media exposure? So surprising that it took this long to do something. Thank you george Maziarz
01/04/2012 8:34AM
Its about time
It has been rumored over the years that the Niagara County SPCA is a "killing Mill". Glad someone with some first hand info brought this to light
01/04/2012 4:42PM
It never ends
This kind of stuff has been going on forever at the NCSPCA. Where are the fundraisers???? It seems ECSPCA has something going on every week. I NEVER hear of any fundraisers for NC. Unbelieveable! Hire good promotion people like EC has. Get going...get the word out. Do they ever have price breaks, such as 2 for 1 animals? A price break on older animals? Get the word out. All I hear is silence from that organization.
01/04/2012 8:23PM
The circus clown act continues
Today's decision (1/4/2012) by the board of directors to leave Faso in charge "pending" further investigation speaks to the absolute negligence and incompetence of the board. Their first and foremost legal responsibility is to the organization, not their beleaguered director. They could have requested that Faso step aside temporarily and appointed someone credible (a vet perhaps) to steer the ship until the allegations resolved. Instead, they are thumbing their collective noses at the community while their contracts with towns fall like dominoes. This farce would be comical were the consequences not so dire. It's time for an investigation by the State Atty General to see if action under the NYS Non-Profit Corporations Law might be in order. Perhaps a civil suit against the board is also in order.
01/05/2012 9:57AM
Here we go again folks.
Gee, here we go again. Fasos' brother is an attorney, and his Father a Judge in NC. Money and power will come into play just like the Hoskins episode in East Aurora. Its no wonder why Faso wasnt ordered to step aside.
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