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"Sabres to Host Viewing Party Friday"
Is Not Available At This Time.
01/04/2012 3:55PM
Sabres to Host Viewing Party Friday
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01/05/2012 6:10AM
Boycot Time Warner
I hope the beer stands will be open !!!!
01/05/2012 9:50AM
Lets see.......
Pay to park Sit in an undersize uncomfortable seat Over pay for food & drink Watch a team with an under 500 win/loss record and currently in 11th place out of 15. Uhhh No Thanks! It's making the Statler Ice Ball sound good. Oh but you knowall the Sabre/Pegula zombies will be there.
01/06/2012 8:12AM
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to watch tonight's game;
not sure why you'd boycott TWC; what do you think is going to happen when it's time for MSG to renegotiate contracts with FIOS & Direct TV? I only watch the Sabres on MSG and nothing else; I could care less about the knicks, nets, etc and why in the world do we need to pay for another music channel that I already don't watch (MTV, VH1)?!
01/11/2012 7:09AM
go sabres
Go Sabres! and take the Bills with you!
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