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Do You Send Food Back If You鈥檙e Dissatisfied?

Sandy Beach recently related a story on how he had a close encounter with a plate of soggy gnocchi at a local upscale restaurant. His next course, a tasteless unappealing apple dessert, was also a downer. When I asked Sandy if he complained or asked for a replacement, he quickly said no. He asked what I would do.

I would absolutely bring the situation to the server’s attention. The trick is the way that dissatisfaction is communicated. If your food order is incorrect, not cooked properly, as was the case with Sandy’s gnocchi, or—yikes—has a foreign object in it, I suggest calmly and quietly calling the server or manager over and explaining the situation. No need to make a scene about the fly in your soup.


It’s reasonable to ask for the meal to be fixed, perhaps going from rare to medium with a steak of tuna fillet, have the dish re-heated, or ask for a specific replacement. If you’ve lost your appetite, politely request that the offending dish be removed promptly.

But remember to adjust your tip to reflect the item that was credited. Chances are, the offending dish was not the server’s fault so why stiff one of the hardest working people on the staff?

From the restaurant’s standpoint, I would be wary of people being unduly fussy or those who may be trying to scam a free meal. In my experience, restaurant owners, whether they’re dives or white-linen high-end places, strive for their guests to have a good experience.
Stuff happens. If handled like an adult, I see no reason to make your displeasure known.

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01/11/2012 2:53PM
Do You Send Food Back If You鈥檙e Dissatisfied?
Do you send food back when you鈥檙e unhappy about what was served? Have you seen people make a scene in restaurants because of an incorrect dish being served?
01/11/2012 9:48PM
Razor Salad
I normally do not complain but one time I actually sent my salad back at a well known restaurant when when I found an actual razor in it! My family and I were in disbelief so I called the manager over and he of course apologized profusely, brought me another salad and paid for our entire dinner. I could have died!! RR
01/12/2012 10:33AM
Yes you send back - you be polite but express dissatisfaction
01/12/2012 1:53PM
I Pay for Food & Service, And Both Better Be Good!
If I receive a bad meal, I definitely send it back, but I also make a distinction between bad and what I don't like. If I don't enjoy a specific dish that I ordered, I will grin and bear it. But when something is displeasing - has a bad or sour taste to it, or I find a hair (or waiter's finger) in my dish - back it goes to the kitchen. I believe any good restaurant, regardless of the price range, would prefer happy customers. I also have an expectation for my server. If he/she sees that I have not touched my food (if I don;t like it, I don;t eat it), I do expect then to ask and, yes, even offer for an alternative at no extra charge. Their job is service and the kitchen's is quality food. As for Sandy, I think he should have sent it back. No one purposely serves soggy gnocchi, and if they do, they won't be in business for long.
01/13/2012 11:39AM
I managed at a chain restaurant in the 80's. I can not tell you how many times I saw people behaving badly over an incorrect orders. I have two all time favorites.. the first a gentleman calls me over and proclaims very loudly " do you see what is wrong with this" , I look at the plate and it looked correct, there was a hamburger with the correct garnish, french fries, all placed in the right spot. I must have looked for a few minutes and then nicely told the gentleman that I would be happy to bring him another burger ( I thought may be he ordered it med raw and it was over cooked) He went on to yell "I can not believe you serve hamburgers with french fries!" He was totally disgusted with the fact that hamburgers came with fries.. he ranted and caused such a scene that the entire restaurant heard him. I nicely apologized and brought him back a new burger with out french fries. To this day I still talk to some of the patrons (now friends) and we laugh about the anti-french fries guy..I also made sure that from that day on when he would come in that a manager would wait on him and that he never saw another french fry on his plate. We can laugh now but what he did was really not called for. I just figured he was having a very bad day.
01/13/2012 11:40AM
Sandy--I'm surprised at you
Why suffer in silence, Sandy? You definitely should send back bad or poorly copoked food? How will they know otherwise?
01/13/2012 12:14PM
show about this
Sandy should do a show topic on this. I bet there are tons of stories.
09/06/2012 6:44AM
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