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"Marines Probe Video Of Troops Urinating On Body"
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01/12/2012 6:14AM
Marines Probe Video Of Troops Urinating On Body
Funny or stupid? Real or Fake? Do you think this will hurt US troops?
01/12/2012 7:17AM
its ok that the that they beheaded our troops an dragged our solders thogh the streets all burned an dragged liked gsrbage an hung from the bridges
01/12/2012 10:40AM
the term Dungeon & the current situation.
The original purpose of a dungeon has to be stated. Dung being excrement and Eon being an undetermined period of time. A Dungeon was a small cell in the lower area of a building over the pit used for waste disposal. All of the waste from the building was either thrown or deposited directly onto the prisoner or prisoners held in the Dungeon. That meant chamber pots, kitchen wastes and any other slop was showered upon them at any time. So taking a leak on some dead prisoners is not without historical basis. If they were live prisoners then I hope the Marines had eaten Asparagus to make it even better for the golden victory shower!!
01/12/2012 11:01AM
Marines probe video
Just a way to "relieve" frustration. Our troops have gone through worse every day with life lasting injuries from enemy bombs.
01/12/2012 12:18PM
It could be Taliban themseves or other anti American individuals attempting to incite retaliation and keep the battle going.
01/12/2012 1:30PM
...however, I doubt it is genuine or our Marines. But if it is, well it would certainly be much, much more offensive than flying airplanes into occupied buildings, wouldn't it? Think about it!
01/12/2012 3:04PM
Absolutely unacceptable
This is so stupid. Died or live. Where is the honor and dignity of the human been???
01/13/2012 6:04AM
We care why?
I am not sure I get it. Those "people" behead civilians, drag US soldiers bodies through street and desecrate their remains, strap bombs onto their own children to blow up people they don't agree with and we are supposed to be concerned over this? It is unfortunate though as it will likely cost American lives.
01/13/2012 8:04AM
It’s Ok, and no problem with the US or any other government that the enemy commits horrendous atrocities to our troops, I could care less about what these marines did with the scum over there, get with it America, these scrums are trying to take us out, and we don’t care about it, nothing but a waste of time making an issue over this because the ENEMY is complaining. Where was our government when our people were BEHEADED? Something’s wrong with that picture!
01/14/2012 10:33AM
who cares
Those Marines are using the universal language saying ha ha you failed and we won and you three will never kill or wound another American Serviceman. Good for them.
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