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"Local Muslim Calls Marine Video Offensive, Unfortunate"
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01/12/2012 5:47PM
Local Muslim Calls Marine Video Offensive, Unfortunate
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01/13/2012 7:38AM
Who cares?
Local muslim? Nothing is more incompatible with our way of life and democracy than Islam. This "muslim" is offended FOR terrorists? Shame on the news for portraying muslim "perspective" as equal to ours. They're gonna get us all killed.
01/13/2012 10:50AM
That's Right
Too much coverage. Who Cares??
01/13/2012 2:41PM
Muslim offended
If having one of your sh_t head brethern pissed on offends you, then you shouldn't have allowed your brethern to attack us on 9/11, and all the other attrochous acts you did. I would have done much worse!
01/13/2012 10:24PM
such hypocracy
from muslims.... level of humanity.. yes islam is the beacon of humanity. funniest thing i have read tonight.
01/14/2012 5:04AM
Where was the outrage when...
Why is it, that when a few dumb Americans do something stupid, the Muslims get outraged? Where was the Muslim outrage after 9-11? Where was the Muslim outrage after Nick Berg, a NON-COMBATANT, was beheaded? Where was the Muslim outrage when four contractors' bodies were hung on a bridge over the Euphrates? Where was the Muslim outrage when Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 and wounded 29 at Fort Hood? Why do we not here from Muslims when their own people commit acts of horrendous violence? Why do we always here from Muslims when a non-Muslim commits acts of stupidity? Let's see... burning a Quran, urinating on already dead (COMBATANT) bodies, humiliating prisoners of war... or, beheading an innocent man, hanging bodies for everyone to see, blowing up innocent men, women, & children... Where are our priorities? Why are we outraged at the lesser of the evils and not the horrific ones?
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