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"Cuomo Seeks Millions for Bills to Stay in Town"
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01/17/2012 12:40PM
Cuomo Seeks Millons for Bills to Stay in Town
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01/17/2012 2:01PM
Splain it to me
Tell me again why my tax dollars should go to this big-money enterprise when I certainly have no interest and receive no benefit?
01/17/2012 2:06PM
Let them go
Let them move, I don't watch football or hockey, sick of supporting millionaires. Wake up people, get involved with your families more and pay more attention to world events. Your frredoms are disappearing day by day and you don't even know due to your brain stcuk on hockey and football.
01/17/2012 3:36PM
01/17/2012 5:46PM
This is what's wrong with this State,Personal Interests and wrong PRIORITY choice's... When will this State Government learn... So Sad.
01/17/2012 5:59PM
Brainer. Upgrade the stadium and help retain the only NFL franchise in NY State. thank you Governor.
01/17/2012 7:11PM
When will we learn
Here we go again.Spending Everyones money to benefit only the few.The team is Privately owned,let the owner foot the bill!!!! How about money for manufacturing and other areas that actually benefit everyone instead of wasting more and more of our hard earned tax dollars.Its our money,Repeat, OUR MONEY. Wake up Buffalo
01/17/2012 7:22PM
Thank You!
The Buffalo Bills are CRITICAL to Western New York! The Buffalo area deserves this funding considering all the money dedicated to downstate stadiums, social programs, and medicaid. The Ralph is well deserving of an upgrade and Ralph Wilson is not being unreasonable. The people that complain this doesnt benefit them are short sighted and must realize the impact having 1 of 32 NFL teams means to the Upstate Region as a whole. The Bills are the only team that plays in New York State and I am so happy Gov. Cuomo is looking out for New York State's TEAM! GO Bills!
01/18/2012 8:09AM
They should pay their own way,,,,
The Bills are a PRIVATE business enterprise and, as such, they should pay their own way, just like everybody else has to. And, if they can't make it paying their own way, they should go under, just like everybody else does. And let's remember: their business is just ENTERTAINMENT. Nothing more, nothing less.
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