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"COMMENTARY: How Public Spending Ruined Buffalo"
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01/19/2012 7:48AM
COMMENTARY: How Public Spending Ruined Buffalo
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01/19/2012 1:21PM
watched it happen
nothing will ever change in Buffalo. This area continues to elect the same empty headed boobs every election. The press adds to the problem. Each election year they endorse the same fools, knowing full well how bad they are and will be for the area. Last Nov. once again they endorsed the Union Man for county Ex., claiming that Cris Collins was arrogant. Who Cares??? He was getting the job done..Do I see a change in the future???? NO, because our young people with a Brain leave and the bottom of the barrel remain for the handouts.
01/19/2012 3:18PM
Public spending;Why dont we learn?
So lets see,keep putting it back in the politicians hands to help fix the problem they helped cause.When are we as tax payers ever going to learn???We get what we deserve!
01/19/2012 5:51PM
fedup TEA taxed Enough Already..aren't you?
Too much control in few hands for would be here,if..,cut gov't cty & City beaucracy , overtime & excessive perks. It's been said that since unions have things in place..cut union dues in half, fire the Big Chiefs ,,$millions would be saved & jobs created.,sales taxes reduced to lure businesses...Wow!What a concept..
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