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"Could Marianne Gingrich Interview be a Game Changer?"
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01/19/2012 8:21PM
Could Marianne Gingrich Interview be a Game Changer?
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01/20/2012 7:19AM
Way to go Newt!
It is about time that someone takes it to the news media! Maybe someday the news outlets will begin to actually report news instead of trying to make it.
01/20/2012 8:06AM
Can't Understand Normal Thinking
An ex-wife? Let's here the media secrets
01/20/2012 8:35AM
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich is not only unethical but a hypocrite. Are these the qualities we want in our nation's leader?What's even more disturbing is that some conservative talk show mouthpieces choose to enable Newt's lack of personal integrity by offering lame excuses like 'it happened long ago...she's a woman scorned'...etc. What if it were their daughter? Furthermore, Calista is as hypocritical as Newt. While shacking up with a very married Newt for years, she parades herself as a 'strict' Catholic. Is this a woman we would want to represent our country as First Lady? Political spin doctors can work over time attempting to diminish Newt's numerous poor choices and bad behavior, but ultimately the facts speak for themselves...and yes it DOES matter! BTW...the Republican circus makes Barack Obama look better and better each day.
01/20/2012 9:08AM
Imagine if he were a Democrat.
But he's a "whites only" Republican, so it's all good around here. Cue the frantic excuse-making in Limbaugh Land.
01/20/2012 9:31AM
Game Changer for sure----only NOT in the way she had anticipated
Ex comes off as vindictive and poisonous. Newt a class act in comparison. After watching his response on CNN, he has my vote. Leyla Sheehan-Gruarin, Youngstown, NY
01/20/2012 9:37AM
Private life vs. political life
I really wonder how a mans or woman's private life affects thier job? Im no political figure But I certainly know if I'm having an affair or have thing going on at home it certainly doesn't affect my job! Leave it alone, mind ur business. Hopefully men ad women running ths country are a little more intelligent then that.
01/20/2012 9:50AM
Is Gingrich's Ex-wife's "interview" corporate election fundraising
Is Gingrich's Ex-wife's "interview" a "PAID POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT"? Sure, its a he said - she said, poor woman scorned piece, but at what point does a national media outlet that's regulated by the federal government cross the line? Everyone knows the media is in the bag for the Democrats, however, this dreck is a paid political hatchet ad. ABC should have to report any revenue from this "interview" as corporate election fundraising.
01/20/2012 10:46AM
Newt's hypocrisy is troubling...
While I always felt politicians sex lives are their own business, there's a more troubling aspect in Newt's affair. He was carrying on his affair with his twenty year younger staffer while leading the charge to impeach Clinton for behavior that paralleled his own at the very same time. Taking the high moral ground and condemning others for a lifestyle he was embracing, suggests a huge lack of character. Lord knows how many lies he's told covering his tracks on his multiple affairs over the years. I don't think we can trust him. Just leaves a bad taste in my month. Go Rick!
01/20/2012 10:59AM
Smarter than you
You morons are just as bad as CNN...what are you the National Enquirer of the radio?...grow up bunch of effin babies...
01/20/2012 11:07AM
Smart than you
Your station is just as bad as CNN...GROW UP you're sounding like the National Enquirer of the radio...How come you never did this to the Clintons?? Who did Obama used to hit ON??...our country is in such bad shape and you have to focus on RIDICULOUS stuff that happened years ago...LOSERS!!!!
01/20/2012 11:30AM
shes making Newt look good
01/20/2012 11:50AM
is it the truth?
How do we know the comments are even true? Wouldn't be the first time an ex has talked trash for money
01/20/2012 12:48PM
same old
This is just the typical hit piece that the media does to conservative candidates while giving liberals like President Obama a pass. I would like to challange the Buffalo media to look at both parties with the same microscope. BTW Clinton lied under oath, that was the problem not his libido.
01/20/2012 12:49PM
Sick of the left!
Why is it we never hear the news media go after democrats. I'm just so sick and tired of them protecting the left. How can we boycott ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN? When will they pursue the left?
01/20/2012 12:52PM
Sad and Pitiful
This type of activity and the responses by all is why I have withdrawn my membership from ANY political party. I still vote of course but really, look at what everyone is saying and how they are saying it! It hasn't been about America for a long time. The state of our current political system is sad and pitiful
01/20/2012 1:06PM
The News
You just hit a new low!
01/20/2012 3:53PM
...and how abourt Wife #1?
He met her "cute" - in geometry class. She was his TEACHER! They married when he turned 19 and she put him through grad school. If that happened now - she'd be in JAIL and he would be scorned for life.He and Wife #3 deserve each other - 2 hypocrites. NO WAY would I want to see her as the First Lady. She was no better than Monica - in fact worse - they carried on for 7 years and she sang solo in the church choir every Sunday! And yet this man wants to eliminate same sex marriage and make other personal decisions for people (ex.: his anti-choice views) He is a arrogant egomaniac who thinks rules are made for others...
01/20/2012 4:10PM
Big deal.
Look up Newt's ties to convicted arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian and you'll see that his marital issues are minor in comparison. Newt is an evil man and anyone supporting him for President (President!) needs to do a little homework. No matter what lies Rush tells you, no matter how much you may hate your fellow darker-skinned Americans, you need to reconsider. (The guess here is that WBEN won't let this comment through; prove me wrong.)
01/21/2012 8:51AM
what about bill, and the liberals, just pure BS
It was great to see a leader have the guts to put a liberal news agency back on their seat and shut them up.
01/21/2012 2:33PM
Newt the Player
I am a Republican and find it sad I might not be able to vote in this election if Newt gets the nominee. He is a player, a liar and obviously very sneaky to cheat so much. So much criticism against John Edwards but Newt divorced his wife when she was diagnosed with an illness. Newt was President Clintons biggest critic preaching family values and morals while he was cheating. His daughters asked ABC to pull the interview? I can only hope the same thing happens to his daughters some day!
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