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"Gingrich Wins S. Carolina"
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01/21/2012 7:39PM
Gingrich Wins S. Carolina
Will Newt be the new GOP front runner?
01/21/2012 10:31PM
A winner maybe born.
Brains matter, no to romney.
01/22/2012 1:25AM
Maybe because Newt had me sold with ..
his comment about kids WORKING..Americans are looking for someone that will put Americans back to work,God's law is that if you want to eat,you must work.There are thousands of miles of highways that garbage on the roadsides could be cleaned up by welfare recipients,have them sweep the streets,mow the city park,make those that are able earn that check.And for those already on welfare,manditory birth comtrol and after 2 kids no extra money.And please make soap a requirement too.Nearly puked the other day in the local grocery store because there was a man in the deli so filthy from not washing that his skin was black and he smelled sooo bad,yet he was buying hot food from the Deli.This is what my $ are going for?? Shameful Newt isn't afraid to tell it how it is and that in itself may be just what puts him in the White House.
01/22/2012 8:40AM
Newt knows his base.
Just goes to show that open displays of hatred and racism are effective with GOP/teabagger voters. You people belong in the 19th century.
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