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"Local Obama Supporters Host Speech Viewing Parties"
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01/24/2012 5:27AM
Some local residents to host viewing parties for Obama address
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01/24/2012 7:59AM
no obama party
say nothing please, all is nothing but lies and deceit why is he talking to muscle brotherhood?why is he destroying our nation, last state of the union address were a joke, and just made us more made at the republicans for letting him lie about this and that, its going to be a joke,and nothing but attacks to the other parties waste of our precious time now he will lie about how there still isnt a buget.Viewing party for obama / here/ peolpe are hurting/ NY st. is nomore my hometown will not even admit Im from NY state
01/24/2012 8:06AM
Another year of lies and distortions
Tonight when the President addresses the public, he should try telling the truth. He should list all of his failures (if there is enough time), and then his accomplishments (which should take about 30 - 40 seconds). He has entered into something that he was never capable of showing any achievements for his alleged goals. Our President is a complete failure, and should do the "honorable" thing and that would be to announce that he will not be running in the next Presidential election, so we as a Country can get back on our feet, and do what we do best, and that is to reinstate the values that this man has removed from this fine Country that we live in. He has surrounded himself with lawless people since before running for the Presidency. It is a shame that we have to endure anothe year of this individual who in my estimation has been nothing more then a puppet on a string and a total failure of doing his job.
01/24/2012 8:18AM
He should ignore the wingnuts.
You remember these were the people telling you what a great President George W Bush was as he ran our country right into the ground. These people have no credibility, integrity or patriotism. They are obstructing solutions to our problems.
01/24/2012 8:21AM
new enery ????kidding???
solyndra?????????have a party on how he stole taxpayer money
01/24/2012 9:25AM
Time for a new voter requirement.
To be eligible to vote, you must be able to spell at a minimum second-grade level. Let's disenfranchise the teabaggers!
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