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"SPCA Report Confirms Problems"
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01/27/2012 12:18PM
SPCA Report Confirms Problems
Are you satisfied by the report?
01/27/2012 4:05PM
i am outraged that john faso is allowed to continue at expense of helpless animals-does no one have the common sense to escort him out
01/27/2012 4:20PM
Darn, fire the people involved in this heartless and cruel treatment of these poor animals. There is absolutely no call for neglect. With today's job market there is an abundant supply of caring help.....get rid of the scum!!!!!
01/27/2012 4:21PM
Satisfied for now
It is not what you want to hear, the cruel way these animals were put down. Really sad, but hopefully this will stop and a compassionate form as ECSPCA does, will be enacted, today. I was hoping to not hear all was OK, and things were reported inaccurately. Lets just hope changes are made as all eyes are on them. Paul Buffalo,ny
01/28/2012 9:16AM
I can't believe this Faso guy has got a lawyer and is "clinging" to his job. I'm guessing by his nice photo he makes good money, and never gets his lily white hands dirty cleaning out cat pans. Out where I live the head of our SPCA DOES IT ALL! She works right along side of her volunteers. And truly LOVES the animals. This Faso looks like he only loves himself, or he would have left by now. It made me absolutly sick to hear how those animals were killed. Animals look to us with trust and love. And this is what they get? Also, good job by the Erie county SPCA. At least you can still believe in them.
01/29/2012 10:09AM
Animal lover
What a sad and tragic story. Every day animals who are living in homes are treated w/ neglect and cruelty but to have these events take place where these creatures should have been protected, is just astounding and maddening. Shame on those individualswho allowed these inhumane practices to take place. God bless Barbara Carr and the wonderful compassionate folks at the ECSPCA.
01/29/2012 11:15AM
Kill Faso
I think someone should stick John Faso in his sick heart, if he has one.
01/29/2012 8:15PM
Like Bob Barker Says
Part of this blame should be put on the local public for letting these animals reproduce at the rate they do. The report clearly states the SPCA is not equipped - equipment, space or financially - to handle this number of animals. People, if you have an animal - get it spayed or neutered. Your 'barn cat' having 3 litters a year is where all these cats come from.
01/30/2012 2:13PM
Mike Storck
In this day when Boards across the Nation are being held accountable for what their corporations or not-for-profits do, the Board of the Niagara County SPCA must be scrutinized carefully by looking into its minutes and other records to determine what if any oversight they really were engaging in. What reports were asked for, what standards of diligence were requested to assure that Niagara County SPCA was operating normally for such organizations, how often did the board members actually visit the facilities, who other than director Faso was consulted for reports and information? These questions are important because these are the things that responsible Boards do.
01/30/2012 3:24PM
agree with "Like Bob Barker Says"
I agree wwith this statement. How can the SPCA alone be blamed for the overwhelming numbers coming in it's doors? Spaying/neutering would alleviate a large part of this problem. Dog breeding also needs to be regulated, not just something people do to make a few extra bucks! People who let their animals breed continually are just as much to blame for the cruel method used in this case. However, really, couldn't they have sedated these poor animals? What a horrible way to die, just because you are "surplus" and "unwanted". People who give up on a problem animal are to blame as well; try harder to resolve the issue!
01/31/2012 11:41AM
I have to agree with over population being a huge issue...
Awful that hundreds of animals were put down for space. The big problem is what does the facility do with 3,000 plus cats per year? Wow! Would every protester be willing to donate $500/yr to prevent it - not sure. Report is good glad the guy is gone. I think Bauerele was harsh on the previous director - I was a volunteer back then that facility wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for him and their team. The orginal shelter on Military was really awful!
01/31/2012 11:45AM
Over Population is a huge problem
How can any facility afford to feed and house thousands of cats? Report is good glad guy is gone. Bauerle was tough on the previous director I was a volunteer back then that facility wouldn't be there today without their team! Board is awful howcan they expect a good work environment if they are asking the employees to spu on their boss - that's the boards job!
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