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"Niagara Falls Trip Won on 'Price is Right'"
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01/27/2012 2:39PM
Niagara Falls Trip Won on 'Price is Right'
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01/27/2012 3:21PM
That seems really high for a vacation for a week in Niagara Falls, even if it is for seven nights in a hotel at $250 per night. It must really include limos, front row stage tickets, and stuff like that to blow up the value.
01/27/2012 4:01PM
Are those lucky winners going to be disappointed.
01/27/2012 8:51PM
The unfortunate winner!
The lucky winner has to pay taxes on the supposed value! So if they are in the 30% bracket they owe Uncle Sam $1689 !! How lucky can you get?!
01/29/2012 6:13AM
On "Let's Make a Deal" this would've been the booby prize. Given that prize value, there must also be included some solid gold coins.
01/29/2012 8:50PM
The Poor Winner!
The poor winner! That must be a very inflated prize amount. The poor winner has to pay taxes on the over-inflated value so if they are in the 30% tax bracket, they owe Uncle Sam $1609!!
01/30/2012 9:59AM
won on price is right
what this only to the Falls, was that the American or Canadian side and no trip to Lackawanna or sunny Cheektavega
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