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"Is SPCA Case Latest in Culture of Corruption in Niagara Co.?"
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01/27/2012 7:59PM
Is SPCA Case Latest in Culture of Corruption in Niagara Co.?
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01/30/2012 9:15AM
Is it good or bad?
When a media outlet that carries water for the likes of Newt Gingrich and George W Bush starts commenting on the concept of corruption, especially considering its, shall we say, easily confused audience, it's hard to tell whether that outlet is celebrating it or condemning it.
01/30/2012 3:25PM
Is it good or bad or are you just that stupid
Is it good or bad?, As opposed to the corruption in the city of Buffalo. Give your head a shake you duffis moron. The only one confused is you.
01/31/2012 11:33AM
Bad Hire, Slacker ED, Crappy Board
Bad Hire, Slacker Director, and a Crappy Board - Maybe those picketers will now head over to the abortion clinic - douubt it (what does say about our society?)
01/31/2012 2:46PM
Thank goodness that we have you "is it good or bad" To guide all of us that are too ignorant to have our own beliefs and opinions. You and people like you that believe that they have some right to tell us what to think, are a walking hypocritical mistake. I support your right to think what you want, but I draw the line at taking advise from someone so mentally incapable. I only hope that you don't procriate, further spreading your intolerant views.
02/03/2012 9:37AM
SPCA of Niagara
Faso is partically to blame but it's THE BOARD, it' s the BOARD!!! It was populated ( typical for things in Niagara County ) by the "friends and family plan". Working for you? Did you know that one of our long-term members of the Lewiston Town Council, in reference to the feral cat population in one of the towns, actually said "what's the problem - just shoot them!". What century are we in? Get rid of the "good old boy network"! They may be old but they're not good, not trustworthy, and more concerned with themselves than the people they supposedy serve. Time for a complete overhaul.
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