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"No Jail Time for Couple Who Neglected Dogs"
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01/30/2012 2:09PM
No Jail Time for Couple Who Neglected Dogs
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01/30/2012 2:16PM
What a shock
People will continue to abuse and negelect animals as long as there are no consequences to their actions. This ruling is disgusting. I've seen people evade paying their taxes and get a worse sentence.
01/31/2012 9:23AM
Laws for Animals stink
Doesn't surprise me. Animals will never get the respect they deserve if there aren't stiffer consequences for this kind of abuse. Makes my stomach sick.
01/31/2012 12:51PM
I totally agree w/ "What a shock". The ruling is disgusting. The courts need to do a better job and our lawmakers need to put in place tougher laws dealing w/ these ignorant and heartless sub-humans who should never be allowed to own another animal. Did the Judge issue that order????
01/31/2012 2:34PM
Why are these people not in prison. What's next, why not allow them to serve their community service at the Niagara county SPCA, As obsurd as that may sound, Nothing surprises me in this area anymore.
01/31/2012 3:40PM
RIDICULOUS! They deserve to be in jail. those poor dogs almost died! This is why so many people abuse animals cause you get a slap on the wrist, oh wow community service big deal!! These poor helpless creatures need us to be their voice and we are just letting people starve and abuse these animals to the point of near death or death. Look at the Niagara SPCA, there should be 600 counts of animal crulety placed on the vet tech that gave those heartsticks since its ILLEGAL in NY. Why has there not been any charges yet!!!
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