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"Silver Proposes Boosting Minimum Wage"
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01/30/2012 6:12PM
Silver Proposes Boosting Minimum Wage
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01/30/2012 7:52PM
Minimum wage
The problem with a minimum wage hike is that those of us who are/have been are paid hourly for an number of months/years do not have their wages adjusted accordingly
01/31/2012 10:30AM
gary kujawa, dallas ,texas
As usual silver shows his ignorance by proposing to raise minimum wage another 17%. I cant remember any timein my life when I recieved a 17% increase in pay.. Minimum wage is a wage for beginners. If you are raising a family on minimum wage you shame on you. I sold my business in NYS 5 years ago and moved away. I feel more blessed every day that I am out of NYS.
01/31/2012 11:31AM
It's a no-brainer. Opposing this would be craven and stupider than a Limbaugh fan.
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