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"Brady on Buffalo Hotels: 'Not the Best\""
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02/01/2012 12:11PM
Brady on Buffalo Hotels: 'Not the Best"
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02/01/2012 12:26PM
Eli's lucky throw.
who cares? he's a multi millionare who's used to frivolity...why would he think that a normal hotel is good?!?
02/01/2012 12:28PM
Excuses, excuses
Sure, blame the loss in Buffalo on the hotel room.
02/01/2012 2:45PM
GOSH! We're so thin-skined over here that everytime someone has a negative comment about Bflo people get bent out of shape. First, we haven't been is shape for years. We're one of the top 10 poorest cities and have been for years. We're one of the most obese, so we're litteraly out of shape. Look, Bflo doesn't bother me bacause I'm from here. I've been to cities that really impress, and if we're really honest, Bflo aint one of them. It has it's good points, good people, but really, Bflo is in bad shape.
02/01/2012 3:09PM
I agree w/Brady
I'm no lover of the Pats and hope the Giants win, but Tom Brady's father is not imagining this. Like many other things about our city, it often has a face only a mother can love. The Mansion has had bats in it and I've spoken to those who were rooted out of their rooms in the middle of the night because of it. Also, we have no true high eschelon accomodations in the Buffalo metro area. There are so many things we don't have the best because we don't need that kind of game face often enough to demand it. Chicken wings, though, we got!
02/01/2012 3:31PM
Re: Brady, Buffalo must ask itself...
Q: What would New York City do? A: Oh, I don't know, how about WIN THE FREAKING SUPERBOWL?
02/01/2012 3:56PM
Probably because the pillows were too small for his head!!
02/01/2012 8:51PM
Why does he have to demean any city on Super Bowl interviews. that's a sign of no class to me. They know everything they say is heard (and spread) by all medias. He has to come back here to play Bills again. What kind of reception will he have then? Whether he likes Buffalo or not, why does he have to be so negative in public. GO GIANTS!
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