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Did Buffalo Police do the right thing in moving in to evict Occupy protesters?
( 91% )
( 9% )
"City Police Evict Occupy Buffalo"
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02/02/2012 3:57AM
BREAKING: City Police Evict Occupy Buffalo
Did police do the right thing in removing protesters?
02/02/2012 5:41AM
Whining brats
Just listened to the interview Dave Debo conducted with protester Stephanie something; she sounds like a professional troublemaker. Get a life, sweetheart...all these protesters need to get a life.
02/02/2012 5:50AM
So long....
It is about time the Mayor & the City did this. As a home owner in Buffalo, I refused to even go any where near Niagara Square since those ridiculous people have been there. It's disgusting how long they have been there & were allowed to stay. No one cares. Go back to your homes & get a life! Paul - Buffalo,NY
02/02/2012 7:02AM
About time
Why they were offered a new agreement is pathetic. Good job in clearing them out though, it's about time. Good bye morons!
02/02/2012 7:16AM
Happy Groundhog Day?
So I hear a Buffalo cop yanked one of the protesters out of his tent, the protester saw his shadow and demanded six more weeks of occupation time....
02/02/2012 7:23AM
How can they afford to?
I am amazed they can afford to just hang out there. I am impressed with their dedication, it takes people like that to get things done sometimes, but I can't afford to even miss one day of work!!
02/02/2012 7:24AM
I bet
I bet this temporarily cured over a dozen cases of erectile dysfunction for those cops
02/02/2012 7:29AM
Is it garbage day?
It was just another trash day!!
02/02/2012 7:30AM
Now we can get our beautiful city back - how is living on public property that is there for all to enjoy helping? IT has been an eyesore for too long. Do something constructive with your time - ll
02/02/2012 7:32AM
Are you not part of the 99% ?
Amazing how many of you think they are not down there for you also! I am in support - I worry about my children's financial wellbeing as well as my grandchildren. If its still so hard for me what will it be for them? My son is in debt with student loans and no job in the field - I could go on but obviously many of you just don't get it. They are there representing ALL of us. Apparently until it hits you somehow "personally" you just don't want to see the large picture.
02/02/2012 7:34AM
What did they accomplish?
I am angry that the City Officials allowed them to re-new this past permit. Having to be downtown each week, I have seen the complete destruction of "The People of Buffalo's Property". The foul odors of this beautiful monument area will take weeks to get rid of. The people themselves were indeed obtrusive and "in your face", and they even would come up to your car while waiting for the traffic signal to turn and scream at you if you would not acknowledge them. I think that this took way too long and I also think that "The Occupiers" should be given a bill for all of the cost of current and pending cleanup and repairs, and if they don't pay, put them to work on all of the repairs and cleansing of this property and have them work until it is completed. This is hust another "black eye for The City of Buffalo!
02/02/2012 7:36AM
Buffalo Finally Does the Right Thing
How can they possibly say they didn't have enough time to pack?? They were told the contract ends as midnight and will be enforced. So they had days to pack and leave. They brought it upon themselves and now they have the audacity to whine aboutit. They are lucky to have the time they had and now they don't even appreciate that. -JohnE Lockport, NY
02/02/2012 7:57AM
They don't represent me!
No, I am NOT part of the fictitious 99%! These crowds are made up of people who are ticked off at failing in their attempts to start at the TOP and work their way up, with a few old codger hippies re-living their Woodstock glory days thrown in for good measure!
02/02/2012 7:58AM
Favorite Line in the Video
"...these are union people destroying everything the occupiers of Buffalo have worked so hard for..."
02/02/2012 8:13AM
Everybody Sing!
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!
02/02/2012 8:16AM
Join the 100%
Obviously they do not represent the majority of us. I agree that if they want to make a difference, do something constructive. What makes them think that they have the right to take over public space that belongs to ALL of us and do whatever they want for as long as they want? They don't even have a coherent message or an action plan. Quit trying to divide America; come join the 100!!!
02/02/2012 8:18AM
what about the first admendment rights of all those tax paying citizens that have been denied use of Niagara Sq since this protest started? Dont they have rights to use public space as well? I didnt like being harrassed when i drove by there. Don't I have rights to drive around Niagara Sq without being harrassed?
02/02/2012 8:25AM
You do not represent 99%.
OWs and it's chapters across America do not and have not represented the 99%. At best they represented about 25%. They never had anything but lip service from Politicians who tolerated and gave aid to violators of the law. Had the OWS crowds had been anything more than miscreants and anarchists. They might have found more support. Yet anarchy is not going to solve our problems. Only create more.
02/02/2012 8:28AM
Just seems funny to me...
Just seems funny to me that as a landlord, I have to go through months of court dates and legal channels to evict a tenant that is now illegally occupying MY property, and I have to store all their belongings as well for at least 30 days after they are evicted. If I were to do to my tenants what the city did to the occupiers, I'd be in jail. Maybe I can hire the city to bring the cops and dump trucks to my aid! Oh, I forgot. I am just a lowly tax payer. Move along, nothing to see here.
02/02/2012 8:29AM
We hate the First Amendment, and pretty much everything and everyone else for that matter. It's important that we oppose our own interests because Rush hates the same people that we do. Let us whine! DOWN WITH THE MIDDLE CLASS. Mega dittos!
02/02/2012 8:33AM
RE What did they accomplish?
Occupy has raised awareness of the outrageous redistribution of wealth that has moved from your pockets to the plutocrats' over the past thirty years. For that they've earned your gratitude, even if you want to deny it. The right wing media did its best to squelch that knowledge; some of the people here who actually believe the right wing liars should never play three-card monte. The gullible will always be taken advantage of.
02/02/2012 8:45AM
reply this post: Are you not part of the 99%?
I do feel sorry for people who can not find a job & are in debt, but the solution is to keep working at it & show some character. Those protestors DO NOT represent people with dignity & determination. They represent themselves by getting their faces on TV & waving to the camera's. They represent wanting a handout, rather than making a difference. Paul - Buffalo,NY
02/02/2012 8:53AM
Well Done!
It's about time. There are still people standing out there with signs; the teepee and the dome are still standing (why?). In addition to billing them for the clean up, they should be billed the police overtime as well as the cost of the heavy equipment used. As Tom B said, the square belongs to all of us. As an employee working across the street, it'll be nice to have the park back for walks and lunchtime use in the nice weather. PS: wouldn't it be fine irony if the poll results came out 99% to 1%?
02/02/2012 9:12AM
Go home
Where did they all live before they came to camp on Buffalo's property?? Must be nice to live for free. I say, get a job, get a life, and attempt to make some type of contribution to society like many of us try to do.
02/02/2012 9:21AM
Welcome to Palestine
If you feel like your heart is being ripped out for tents; imagine if this happened to your home. Thank you anyways occupiers but nothing will be accomplished as long as Fox "News" is the premier "unbiased" news network in the US.The "democratic" system is just a facade for the 1%.
02/02/2012 9:24AM
Go home, take a bath, get a job.
And turn off the Limbaugh, it makes you a lot dumber.
02/02/2012 9:55AM
@are you part of the 99%?
Really, they are down there for me?!?!?! I do worry about the financial well being of those of us in the middle class who are responsible - those of us who pay our bills on time and don't live beyond our means and actually save and prepare for retirement. We haven't over-mortgaged ourselves along with having perpetual car payments and the silly need to have the latest technogadget only to throw it away for yet another. The people I've seen down there are more part of the entitlement generation of whom, I'm willing to bet, don't know the meaning of over-taxation because they don't pay taxes other than consumer taxes. So they don't represent me at all. They want handouts and bailouts in the name of fairness - they have no idea how gov't. works or why a disproportionate amount of tax dollars go to entiltlements, entiltlements that do nothing more than to keep people poor and uneducated. LBJ's "great society" - yeah right.
02/02/2012 10:07AM
These people are part of the problem!!
These people there are obviously receiving the government handouts!How else could they sit there for months without working- I don't believe that jobs have a protest leave!They're just sitting and waitting for their handouts to increase!They should be made to go to school and then have to get jobs!That's how,you teach a “man” to fish & feed "him" for life, and not give a "man" a fish and feed "him" for one meal.(A GREAT MAN SAID THAT!!)If the protestors are really concerned about the future financial security of this Country, Then tell them to protest the current Government,so they build that pipeline!This will create jobs and limit our dependency on non-friendly countries! Also tax companies that produce products outside of the US,so they are competitive with the US market and furthermore, tax the company's that leave the USA to pursue cheap labor! TAX THEM SO HARD,that they cannot make a profit!You can't support America, if there are no American products to buy!IF THERE ARE NO AMERICAN PRODUCTS TO BUY,THERE WILL BE NO JOBS!! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!I THINK THAT I NEED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!
02/02/2012 10:16AM
Financial analyst's misleading statements
The 1% contibutes the most to our country's annual tax revenue? How much tax did Exxon Mobile pay last year? Pepsi Cola? The answer is 0. Mit Romney made 47 million, paided 14.8%. Most of us pay at least 20%. The 1% only pay social security tax on the first $100,000 they earn. Most of us have this tax taken out of every penny we make. Now the corporate establishmet want to do away with SSI because they think it can't be sustained. Meanwhile, billions of our tax dollars have been stolen by these same corporate thugs. Now, our country is in a serious financial crisis. That's why these occupy WS protesters are there. People need to wake up. It's almost too late.
02/02/2012 10:40AM
Where's the message?
Maybe if they actually had a coherent message, they would've gotten the support they wanted.
02/02/2012 10:51AM
to 99%
All our Children who have worked hard played by the rules,have gone to college studied got their degrees. maybe the policies placed by this administration congress both parties(D)(R) are to blame...these kids who call themselves 99% (ows=owies).Shouldn't they protest their elected liberal leaders(D)(R)and hold them accountable?how about holding colleges accountable for letting these owies kids take courses and degrees with no employable,marketable seems we're ready to blame others and not put blame squarely on the people who should be held accountable.
02/02/2012 11:04AM
The arrests were made, but the treatment of the court case illustrates fraud...
The process in Judge McLouds Court was a fraud and a farce. No capacity to even oppose the charges. ACD in mass simply illustrates the Nazis which run Buffalo. Brown and Fronczak along with the imperial cops, backed by the courts. The trials needed will never take place, because of costs? No, the arrests were illegal.
02/02/2012 11:25AM
Leftist trouble makers always have skads of time to 'protest' because they are not working or contributing to society in ANY positive way that requires their time and effort. Scum.
02/02/2012 11:28AM
They do NOT represent ME!
No, I am NOT part of the fictitious 99%! These occupy crowds are made up of people who are ticked off at their failed attempts to START at the TOP and work their way up, along with a smattering of old curmudgeon hippies, reliving their Woodstock glory days, thrown in for good measure! They all need to go home and get lives!
02/02/2012 11:41AM
Dont let the tent flap hit you on the way out...
The occupiers, or if you will, trespassers, unable to articulate a coherent platform of ideas resorted to that passive- aggressive, childish perhaps, technique of the sit- in or sit-out to be precise. This failure of precision on their part was simply because they do not have a clear idea and by extension also fail to have a clear leader around whom to rally. One will note that the occupiers in Niagara Square had been able to keep body and soul together for several months without having to earn money to support themselves. Note to the occupiers: you have been and continue to use the products of taxpaying corporations which employ thousands of taxpaying citizens who unlike you are unable to go into suspended economic animation. Occupy means to take up space which is okay for storing inert objects. If these putative “informed, articulate and justice oriented” occupiers wanted to be taken for more than spoiled brats they should have defined the areas of law that have been violated and inequitably investigated, named names not percentages, developed arguments to be discussed and taken time out to learn the truth of distribution of paid taxes, i.e. the top 5% earners pay about 90% of the Federal and State taxes.
02/02/2012 12:32PM
How about instead of sitting in the park for months you go and get a job. Start out at 10 Bucks an hour and work your way up in a company. The months they sat in their tents they could of been doing something productive for society. Finally the Government did the correct thing.
02/02/2012 12:56PM
Shorter Right Wing
We hate the First Amendment.
02/02/2012 1:00PM
The real filth
is the scum who supported George W Bush and now supports Newt.
02/02/2012 2:15PM
02/02/2012 2:18PM
Note to those that think they're well off
We are supposed to have a progressive tax structure in this country. Corporations that don't pay taxes employ thousands? Where? In China or Mexico? The Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as citizens, and can donate as much money as they want to any candidate. Corporations buy the candidates and then the rest of us are allowed to choose. Is that democracy? Is it not fascism? How many people have $500,000 to donate to a candidate? What about the National Defense Authorization Act that was signed into law Dec 31st? I have to laugh out loud at those who mock the occupy movement, especially those not in the top 10% income bracket. Those "brats" are defending EVERYONE'S RIGHTS under the CONSTITUTION. The same rights that have disappeared within the last year while the 5 percenters had their thumbs on thier iphones. Just becuase a message can't be expressed in one sentence doesn't mean that the message itself is not important.
02/02/2012 2:42PM
Buh Bye!
Now they can see how the real 99% would be treated if they tried to pull off the same garbage. What allowances and concessions would have been made for other groups who pulled this?
02/02/2012 2:46PM
Investigate them....
Let's see how many were claiming unemployment benefits and yet claiming they were actively seeking employment while they were out camping. Then make them pay it all back!
02/02/2012 3:11PM
WBEN must pay really well!
Your morning propagandist was claiming to not be one of us, that he's not a 99 percenter. Is he really one of the wealthiest one percent of Americans? That would certainly explain his sycophancy to the oligarchs.
02/02/2012 3:18PM
Blithering Idjit Teabagger
02/02/2012 4:08PM
It's about time the mayor and the city nutted up. The site of the protestors camping out and defacing Niagara Square was disgusting and an embarrassment to our city. If you're so dissatisfied with your position, go out and get a job. Get up off your rear end in the middle of the square, and go look. The fact that the city was actually going to extend this for a time is unreal. It's not my fault, or anyone's fault but their own that they don't like to work hard.
02/02/2012 4:33PM
To: "the real filth"
The lame "blame Bush" response is the one people fall back on when they can't come up with a better argument. For your information, these occupiers are supported by the labor unions who are in turn supported by the democrats, the Obama administration and George Soros.
02/02/2012 4:52PM
'Bout time, folks
Wanted to see how long the city would take. Far too long, as it turns out. Apparently, the city e en offered to extend. What a joke
02/02/2012 7:06PM
Those wonderful corporations
The same corporations that pay 0 tax, poison your food with radiation and cancer causing chemicals. The same corporations that poison your water with flouride. The same corporations that sell drugs that aren't properly tested and kill people. The same corporations that break the law, steal tax dollars, and then get bailout money. Oh, but they employ people! They employ people alright... in China and Mexico.
02/02/2012 7:41PM
Leonard Wishbone
My thousand dollar tent was ruined, who will pay for it.I have the receipt for it, got it for my birthday a month ago. Oh is my mom gonna be mad.It was a brand new coleman cabin tent. Me and my girlfriend now have no home to occupy. Oh what to do now
02/03/2012 6:53AM
RE To: "the real filth"
Did you say "lame" and then immediately play the Glenn Beck card? LOL! Want to buy a bridge?
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