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"Brown Not Disappointed with Occupy Protesters"
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02/02/2012 1:41PM
Brown Not Disappointed with Occupy Protesters
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02/02/2012 2:19PM
Overtime Cost
Does that mean Occupy Buffalo will pao overtime cost for the Polide and Public Works folfs ? I doubt it.
02/03/2012 8:17AM
Why was this allowed in the first place?
If this encampment was in violation of city ordinances to begin with, why was this not dealt with immediately? I suspect if a multitude of other organizations tried to exploit our laws in this manner it would have been dealt with differently; so why was this violation allowed to continue? Peaceful or not -- a violation of law should be treated as such for every group, peaceful or not. Laws exist for a reason, and a violation is just that, a violation.
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