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Best part of the Superbowl?
Giants defeat Patriots
( 60% )
Halftime show
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( 9% )
All of it!
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"NY Giants Win Superbowl and Defeat Patriots"
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02/05/2012 10:09PM
NY Giants Win Superbowl and Defeat Patriots
Did your team win?
02/06/2012 1:18PM
Congrats to Giants, but not Mayor Bloomberg!
It was good to see Brady lose another Super Bowl; but it was a bit frustrating to hear this morning that Mayor Bloomberg has already announced a parade in their honor while he is refusing to have a parade to welcome home NY's soldiers. Mayor, who are the real heroes? Who truly has made a sacrifice for your city and your personal freedom? Who among the residents in your city should be most appreciated, overpaid athletes doing their job, or underpaid soldiers risking it all?
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