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"Poll: Most NY Voters Oppose Lawmakers Pay Hike"
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02/06/2012 11:55AM
Poll: Most NY Voters Oppose Lawmakers Pay Hike
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02/06/2012 1:10PM
Leave it to NYer's
Despite the current economic conditions that exists in NY and the country, leave it to NYer's to think Cuomo is doing a good job. Yet at the same time they say he is acting like a king and is out of touch with the common folks. He's doing about the same as the resident-in-chief, just more slowly, but with the ultimate end result -- bankruptcy. We cannot tax our way to financial stability if the fundamental reasons (spending) aren't resolved first. Neither can we accomplish this if we first drive the wealthy out of the state, or strip them of the incentives needed for them to invest and spur development. As a state, and a nation, our continued dependency upon govt to provide handouts and bribes to buy our votes has and will continue to lead us on this path to ruin.
02/06/2012 4:45PM
Gillibrand Won't Get MY Vote
In 2009 the Senate voted to cut off giving taxpayer dollars to ACORN. The vote was 83-7. OUR Senator Gillibrand was one of the seven who voted to continue giving ACORN money saying, "the group does good work". And I thought Schumer was hopeless.
02/06/2012 5:54PM
this is just sick
its a part time job with over a million dollars per for their office and staff for what they do nothing
02/07/2012 6:11AM
LOL! Hey WBEN this is the kind of audience you get when you lie to them each and every day. How come you haven't mentioned the recent good news about the job figures? At least you could make something up like Fox "News" did.
02/07/2012 11:28AM
No raises and Cuomo is a wolf in sheeps clothing
No raises for part time libs in albany. Cuomo looks like he cares so far but I believe he is like his father, a bleeding heart liberal. He will end up taxing New Yorkers to death.
02/07/2012 12:40PM
Sick of it
In the private sector a person's compensation is tied to performance. Performance is linked to accomplishments, both good and bad. The question needs to be asked; "Is our current condition better or worse or the same as when these people were elected and took office?" If our current condition is worse, the people in power should be replaced by someone else that we feel is able to handle the challenges that we are faced with. If our current condition is about the same, the compensation should remain the same. Why should people that are just doing an 'adequate' job be rewarded with additional compensation? If our current condition is better than what would be expected in the current economic conditions, they should be rewarded with additional compensation of some sort. The problem with rewarding an exceptional person doing a better than average job in the public sector is that all persons coming after the exceptional person will receive the same rewards that the exceptional person did. The method of compensation needs to start at a low level for newly elected officials and then reviewed yearly and raises voted on by the electorate they represent. This would make the people we elect more responsible to the people in their district and would bring up their records more frequently so we can view their accomplishments for their district. Just handing more benefits or currency to people that are just adequate is not 'fair' to all of us that have to be exceptional in order to bet a raise.
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