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"Obama: Birth Control Policy Meets Everyone's Needs"
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02/10/2012 12:39PM
Obama: Birth Control Policy Meets Everyone's Needs
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02/10/2012 1:42PM
Smoke and mirrors
Catholics will be paying for birth control anyway through higher insurance company rates. No real difference.
02/10/2012 3:13PM
A note to the President -
Even if WBEN and other "news" outlets biasly support you by preferentially reporting comments from "Catholics United in Kissing Obama's Ring", IT IS NOT UP TO YOU, Mr. President!!
02/10/2012 3:37PM
Can you tell the difference??
Qadifi, Hussein, Ahmadinijad, Castro, Chavez, Obama?? I can't tell the difference, can you?
02/10/2012 4:50PM
No welfare for having childeren anymore!!
This could work to our benefit...people will now be fully in control of the birth rate, right? Therefore, we can now stop paying welfare/WIC etc. for any children born after this goes through. THEY are now responsible--your child your problem!! Beth, Lockport
02/11/2012 8:32AM
Clever strategm
By working up the mouthbreathers into a lather (see the hysterical comments above) and getting them to display their opposition to women, Obama seems to be handing the GOP nomination to the petulant closeted little scold Santorum. You've just beenplayed, wingnuts.
02/12/2012 11:28AM
Rule in Effect for a DECADE
This rule has been in effect here in NYS for over a decade. No one seemed to care all that much. The Anti-Choice crowd just loves to play this card over and over. By the way, how many Catholic women use birth control? I'd say A LOT.
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