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"New Video Obtained in Grisanti Casino Scuffle"
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02/14/2012 2:48PM
New Video Obtained in Grisanti Casino Scuffle
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02/14/2012 4:14PM
Game Over
He's not getting reelected anyway!
02/14/2012 10:24PM
I don't see any wrong doing on Grisanti's part. I have watched the videos over and over again and I just don't see it! I don't see him "hitting" anyone. I don't hear him saying racial remarks. What I do hear is women with absolutely no class swearing and screaming! This looks like a set up to make Grisanti look bad. Looks like he and his family were attacked. He does not have a reputation as a man with a temper yet some of the people involved and making accusations against him do. Which of the people involved have more honorable reputations. Think people, think!
02/15/2012 5:08AM
He's not getting reelected anyway!
Well, he shouldn't; he's proven himself a liar on the gay marriage issue.
02/15/2012 6:02AM
Alcohol fueled rage!!!
02/15/2012 10:31AM
Mark Grisanti
What business did he feel he had to confront two men who were arguing with each other and were leaving him alone?
02/16/2012 9:04AM
getting involved
Wasn't this a black tie affair? I would think two "businessmen" would understand that there is a certain type of behavior that goes hand and hand with that type of event. I think a lot of people would try to diffuse an escalating situation like that. Who would think that "businessmen" would react like they did to some one saying something along the lines of "hey, lets cool it, its been a nice night lets not ruin it". Their reaction to Grisanti trying to calm the situation down is not simply not appropriate! If the "businessmen" would have ended up in a fist fight we would be reading that the Senator was there is did nothing to calm down the situation. When good people decide to get involved, unfortunately this is the risk they take. Now the good simaritan is being painted as the bad guy. Why would Grisanti simply bunch someone? Why would he put his career and family reputation at risk. He wouldn't. the man is all about helping people, and his family. You have to ask yourself, how would I react if my mate was being pinned down and repeatedly beaten. No one is talking about the angst the "businessmen" may being feeling because of the political changes Albany wants to make regarding gambling in NYS. Humm, could that have been what the "businessmen" were talking about when they said Grisanti hasn't done......blank...to help them and bunched him in the gut. Oh and for the person that is saying he is a liar regarding the gay marriage vote, this has nothing to do with the gay marriage vote. The entire event is crazy!!! This is exactly why good, qualified people are reluctant to run for office. PROPAGANDA.
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