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"250 Cats Seized, 6 Euthanized"
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02/16/2012 1:54PM
250 Cats Seized, 6 Euthanized
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02/16/2012 3:00PM
bad values
It has been known locally about this situation the people running this operation are against euthinization so they would not control the number of cats in this facility which made it umnanageable. Now they are going to be made to look negligent due to their idiotic concept of not trying to control the number of cats they had. Sometimes you have to do something bad to achieve something good. Now they have hundreds of cats and what do you think will be done with them?
02/17/2012 8:21AM
Several local rescues/shelters have offered help
Several local shelters/rescues have offered to take some of the cats Erie SPCA says they don't need help they have enough rescues to help Why do they keep asking for help then? Gina Browning isn't even in today to answer the phone
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