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"How Pet Agencies Keep from Running into Trouble"
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02/16/2012 5:44PM
How Pet Agencies Keep from Running into Trouble
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02/17/2012 6:01AM
animal care???
what the heck does more liberal policies mean? does it mean abuse?neglect?stealing money from the animals?? they are the animals.
02/17/2012 12:24PM
6 adopted cats
We have 6 adopted cats from various places. Some are strays while others are shelter cats. 3 are declawed which was their choice because of behavior while 3 have their claws. Our vet has said that they wish more pet owners took care of their animals the way we do. We have decided that 6 is the proper number for us but if there was a genuine emergency case we would take in another cat. Our last cat came from the Eastern Hills Mall location and he is a joy. They are all different and special in their own ways. I realize that shelters can try to be "No Kill" but there are cases where every cat can not be saved due to illness or injury or socialization issues. Adoptable friendly healthy cats deserve a chance and good home.
02/18/2012 2:30AM
Horror Show
Why do so many of the reports re Wyoming Co SPCA sound like an episode of Hoarders? Does the ASPCA have no oversight responsibilities?
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