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"Muddy Dogs Make Prayers for Snow"
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02/22/2012 2:46PM
Muddy Dogs Make Prayers for Snow
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02/23/2012 9:26AM
Muddy Dogs
What about depresasion symptomsfor dogs that wait for the snow and doesn't come? My 5-year young lab in the past has his romper room shovelfulls of snow on the back porch that he can roll around in and hasn't happened. As humans great winter! fOR PUPPY, more walks to get his mind on other things!
02/23/2012 9:58AM
Our family consists of 3 dogs. A Terrier, an Australian shepard and a Cardigan Corgi with feet almost as big as cup cakes! On top of the 3 sets of muddy feet, the Aussie is shedding horribly! Last night after bringing in the group I began trying to clean up the mud, when my husband says why don't you vaccum up the hair first. He is such a terrific self appointed supervisor. But if he hadn't cut the lawn so incredibly short this Fall we would probably have abit less mud, maybe not, but I need to blame someone.
02/23/2012 10:09AM
Confused.... :-)
Ok, so let me get this straight... If the ice boom is pulled out early and sees its shadow, we have six more weeks of winter, right? And our weather can either be influenced by El Nino or La Nina...and the really hot summers are caused by La Jalapeno? I think I need to speak to Don Paul...as soon as he's done running for President, I'll call him....
02/23/2012 10:33AM
Life with a muddy dog
I feel your pain!! We live in the hills around Ellicottville where there has not been a lot of snow but certasinly a lot of mud! We have a big goofy yellow lab who always comes in with muddy paws. He will also roll in the mud and anything else he can find in the yard or field around us. Baths are much more frequent than we would like or, he would like. We keep a stash of old towels just for him and his muddy paws, belly, etc! Good luck to all who have dogs or even cats this winter. Look at it this way, we are at least half way through this season of mud.
02/23/2012 12:07PM
mud and dogs
My daughter says the same thing but the dogs are so adorable in the two pictures I sae, what can you do? Grin and bear it.
02/23/2012 11:28PM
Lousey winter
Nothing to do with out Snow,No Fishing, Rabbit hunting , sn ow shoeing, cross country sking, sleding, all the fun stuff.
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