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"Buffalo Mail Processing Facility Operations to Rochester"
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02/23/2012 11:13AM
Buffalo Mail Processing Facility Operations to Rochester
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02/23/2012 11:53AM
It is sad and an economic loss for Buffalo. I have p.o. box here obviously it will have to be moved.
02/23/2012 1:58PM
@ mr. please read more carefully...this will NOT affect retail...your po box is retail!!!!!!!!
02/23/2012 2:00PM
Disgruntled Postal Worker
i work for the post office and the brain dead idiots who are decision makers couldnt give a $hit about the workers...all they care about is their bonuses
02/23/2012 11:24PM
another loss for the Buffslo area,
We can only blame are selfs , We put socialist in charge of NYS and the White House.
02/24/2012 1:46PM
Post Offfice fiasco
Blame it on the postal union. You made your bed, now sleep in it.
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