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"GOP Effort to Block Obama Contraception Plan Fails"
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03/01/2012 9:36PM
GOP Effort to Block Obama Contraception Plan Fails
What are you thinking about this issue?
03/02/2012 9:25AM
It's a choice not medical ailment
Whether or not to have sex is not a medical condition, but one of a persons own choosing. Whether or not one makes that decision is their own, not mine or anyone elses. If someone wants to have sex without protection, but doesn't want to become pregnant; then they, and they alone are the ones who should be responsible for assuming the responsibility of their actions. This means I should not be forced to pay for it, not my employers, not my health insurance company -- if we are not the ones having sex, then it is not our responsibility. Are people forgetting we are not animals, but have the ability to (hopefully) make reasonable decisions based on the reality of the outcomes associated with those actions? After all, if I want to drink, but don't want to become drunk, I have to make a decision on how much to drink, or if I should drink at all. Should we be paying for lyposuction for people who like to overeat but don't want to become fat? Should we be responsible for buying them a larger size wardrobe too? They're the ones making the choice -- it's up to them to take responsibility for the actions they make as well.
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