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"Bomb Threat at Rush Limbaugh's Home"
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03/01/2012 9:40PM
Bom Threat at Rush Limbaugh's Home
What are you thinking?
03/02/2012 8:30AM
Publicity stunt.
You people are something. First your war on women, now this.
03/02/2012 10:10AM
Osama Bin Laden used to give his commands and directives to his rabid, extremist followers using dated technology, just as his US equivalent does today. Of course we don't need to worry about Osama any more because the current adult president succeeded where his idiot predecessor failed.
03/02/2012 12:16PM
No one was arrested...
It wasn't a bomb threat...the sender apologized. Why the headline? NO ONE threatened him with a bomb or even a device made to look like a bomb. Now - his rude, ignorant, lewd comments on the college student testifying about birth control - he is disgusting and I am boycotting any and all advertisers on his show. He has gone over the line.
03/02/2012 6:43PM
War on women!!! What a laugh. Get over yourself libster. As a typical leftist tool you are projecting. You people have been after Rush for years. As for wars, sweetcheeks, you people have launched a war on fress speech. Now, go back to your tent and go occupy somewhere.
03/02/2012 11:53PM
Bomb Threat?
You really think "Bomb Threat at Rush Limbaugh's Home" is the best title you could come up with? Pathetic...
03/03/2012 1:04AM
Why does the headline oppose the story?
To get click throughs? To make Limbaugh seem like the victim? Can't think of any other reasons.
03/03/2012 12:57PM
Rush doesn't seem to like women and women don't like him. No big deal.
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