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"Rush Limbaugh Sparks Contraception Debate"
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03/01/2012 9:52PM
Rush Limbaugh Sparks Contraception Debate
Do you think Rush is out of line?.
03/02/2012 6:13AM
womens rights
yes,absolutly. He should not have a free ticket to slander anyone he chooses.
03/02/2012 7:33AM
She reads nicely
Nicely composed commments, totally unacceptable logic. The public should not be saddled with the burden for promiscuity. Health reasons are outside of this spurious debate.
03/02/2012 7:55AM
What a crock! What does it make us when we pay for someone else's contraception (sex)? None of you so called journalists have asked "is he right?" Is he out of line, what cop out. He is no more over the top than any other political issue of today. If contraception is a women's health issue then all men should have their thing tattooed with a warning label like cigaretts.
03/02/2012 7:59AM
He is out of line
Rush Limbaugh has once again crossed the line of decency. He is insulting and rude. WBEN should be ashamed of itself for broadcasting his show. WBEN management should seriously consider removing his show from the airwaves of Buffalo.
03/02/2012 8:35AM
If the shoe fits
As the numbers have been broken down based on the statements of Sandra Fluke, a woman would be having sex 3 times a day, every day. What are these women in school for? Sex, or studies? What happened to personal responsibility? Instead, it's a protect me from myself mentality and the government should pay for it. And what do we get from our stellar, moral, Catholic congressional Democrat representatives? Concentrate on your studies? Take a little more responsibility for your actions? Have less un-responsible sex? No. Blame Rush Limbaugh. We have real problems in this country, $4.00 gas, rising food prices, stagnant economy, 8 % unemployment. Address those issues? No. Write a stupid letter condemning a talk show host. But somehow, when liberal talk shows say something inflammatory, where is the same condemnation? (Crickets). Please God, when will the electorate in this are wake up. We are a living idiocracy!
03/02/2012 8:53AM
As most educated people leave wny for better opportunity, we are stuck here with the knuckle-dragging redneck wben listeners who are still stuck in an unenlightened 19th century mentality.
03/02/2012 8:57AM
Send Prune Face Slaughter back to Kentuckey! She is WAY PAST her shelf life! AND does not represent us worth a darn! This is still a FREE Country, and we enjoy FREE speach, if she doesn't like it , TOUGH!
03/02/2012 9:26AM
Rush was kind
The terms Rush used were nothing compared to the words I would've used to describe this cow. (I actually had a different "c" word in mind, but it wouldn't be printed.) This woman could save herself some money if she'd get some cheap cigars and do it the Bill and Monica way.
03/02/2012 9:28AM
guess I'm a knuckle dragger
Women have the right to contraception - it just isn't and shouldn't be free. Case closed. Once again this is nothing more than a strategy by the nobama white house to manufacture and propagate a divisive issue to at least try to bring one of the largest voter bases over to their side. I just hope women are paying attention and realize they are being prayed upon. And now the woman that supposedly represents me has nothing better to do with her time than to write a letter seeking a forced apology from an political commentator/entertainer. People need to ask themselves why the gov't wants free contraception for women? From the founder of planned parenthood - Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people"........ human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born."
03/02/2012 9:37AM
Not out of line - way past it! His language is deplorable.
Most educated people understand the very real costs socially and economically for unwanted pregnancies. Conservatives cannot have it both ways - you want to ban abortion rights but not give women better access to birth control? Can anyone say hypocrite? The cost to provide birth control pales in comparison to welfare childrens' upbringing on the taxpayer buck. I would also like to mention that the very free speech that protects Rush also gave this young woman the right to voice her perspective and Congress agrees. IMO he comes very close to slander.
03/02/2012 9:53AM
get to studing
Get off your back and learn .
03/02/2012 10:22AM
Rush has an opinion on everything!
The real issue at hand is related to the coverage of (BCP) birth control pills. I feel as a healthcare provider the government, has again over stepped their authority. All HMO's should offer BCP to be covered at no cost. Trust me the cost of the contracepetives will be less expensive than the cost of pregnancy, abortions and any other potential complications that may arise as a result of both wanted and unwanted pregnacy. Just a providers "2 cents" between patients. Less GOVT and more common sense= a stronger America.
03/02/2012 10:34AM
Good strategy!
I have learned more about the Health care issues from Rush Limbaugh's "shock jock" comments. It worked all the way around, for one, they have everyone talking,writing,viewing. As for Sandra Fluke,victim or witness, once she chose to comment on her personal situation, she became a pawn for the Media, Politicians and everyone who wanted to be heard. Good strategy, however I really don't know who should get the credit.
03/02/2012 10:56AM
Political folly
This is a complete set up by the Democrats since they want to divert attention to the real problems in this country. This country is $16 trillion in debt and if we cannot afford to secure our borders then we certainly are not able to afford this additional "entitlement". She is too polished in the video and on national TV this morning and was schooled in this presentation by the minority party in Congress. Tuition at this school is $65M annually and to speak nationally on this subject is an embarrassment to her and her family. Based on the information that was aired she should be ashamed of herself allowing her to be used in more ways than she can imagine. This is not about women's rights, it's about religious and individual freedom and trashing of the Constitution which the Democrats stated was not referenced in a video a week ago.
03/02/2012 11:18AM
Rush is Right!
Rush was simply responding to absurdity with absurdity. The testimony was completely absurd! College students in DC already have easy access to free BCP at best and low cost generic BCP from places like Walmart (less than $10/month)at worse. The $50/month figure is bogus.
03/02/2012 11:23AM
Slaughter doesn't represent the public opinion. If Rush is an abuse of public air waves she is an abuse of public dollars. Sorry Rochester, you get her back.
03/02/2012 12:21PM
Many MARRIED couples use contraception
Why is this being debated as something only single, "Loose" women need or use? My insurance covers lung cancer in smokers...should I refuse to pay for their care too? Or drug abusers like Rush who end up needing cochlear implants and rehab??? Insurance covers us ALL - it is cheaper than facing a disastrous illness on your own. Many, if not MOST married couples use contraception at one time or another...it is a part of health care.
03/02/2012 1:37PM
Mrs. R Kelley
People like Slaughter are the real insult to women. Responsible women make there choices and do not expect other to be responsilbe for those choices. No, Rush should not have to apologize for saying the truth.
03/02/2012 1:41PM
no way!!!
something wrong with these leaders like slaughter and others wasting time writing letters to the republican speaker to chastise Limbaugh for telling the truth. These women are in college to learn, not have sex on my dime. I am so sick of these liberals wanting things like this and having others foot their bill. If its too expensive for you to buy contraception, then stop having sex and start doing your class work. I can't wait for the elections, boot these bums out of office and get some sensible people back in Washington making decisions for us. Shame on you Higgins and Hochul, I can't wait till your both out of Congress, you both make me sick!!!!
03/02/2012 1:58PM
Rush is wrong
If the shoe fits...can you please site an example of a liberal talker who has said something on par with Rush's incediary language?
03/02/2012 2:04PM
So Slaughter, Hocul and Higgins have nothing to do?
He's a talk show host, get over yourselves.
03/02/2012 2:36PM
She's a Joke
Nothing wrong with what Rush said, bottom line I DO NOT WANT TO PAY into any more Government programs...Period! Obviously this student is a shill for the Dems. and the entire hearing is a sham. I may write Nancy Pelosi to ask for the witnesses phone number. What ever happened to taking responsibility for your own life.
03/02/2012 2:38PM
People keep voting her into office. Vote for someone else, until you do, we are stuck with her. Should Rush apologize?? No, he should not. This whole thing is a distraction from $5 a gallon gas and 9% unemployment, and the fact that Obama is in over his head.
03/02/2012 3:09PM
Free Speech...
Period. I apologize he has such a following, he must be doing something right...
03/02/2012 3:57PM
Rush's comments
No, Rush should not have to apologize or retract his statements. Ms. Fluke put herself out there. Let her face the consequences. Just because she's a law student shouldn't make her immune from ridicule.
03/02/2012 4:13PM
Palin, Rice, Bachmann, etc. have been called worse; w/ no reaction from left.
If the left can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
03/02/2012 5:14PM
Hey Slaughter, You know what else is FREE? Spell check. Guess you didn't take advantage of that FREE public education. You shouldn't comment on things you can't even spell. It's speech dumb-dumb. Not speach.
03/02/2012 5:21PM
Out of line?? Where? Why is it ok for the likes of Wasserman-Schultz to slander the TeaParty members or conservatives in general. No outrage over the remarks of the likes of chris mattews, rachel maddow or george schultz. How about the remarks of hoffa, jr inciting his union thugs to take out the TeaParty. The feigned outrage from the left is amusing. Guess it's ok for the left to say what they want but not a conservative. Limbaugh holds no political office and has no power. You outraged leftists need to get over yourself. BTW-why do you people fixate on sex so much?
03/02/2012 6:56PM
WBEN just got a whole lot quieter in this household and will remain that way as long as they continue to broadcast Rush Limbaugh's vile tirades.
03/02/2012 7:16PM
Way out of line
Rush always crosses the line to generate controversy. Its his modus operand (sp). Generates listenership and keeps his base strong. The guy is offensive, insensitive, rude, in your face, and generally lacks any decency. He hates women... BTW, Rush incorrectly leads his listeners by the nose ring (what else is new) to convince them that taxpayers would be on the hook to pay for contraception. READ, folks... READ!!! This is a proposal for EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE health plan funding. NOT taxpayers!! Sheesh!!
03/02/2012 7:24PM
Pull Rush
AM930 should pull its re-broadcast of Rush Limbaugh. The guy is a drug-addicted loudmouth who does nothing but incite hate and mistrust. The guy is scum. The worst of what America has to offer. WBEN should be ashamed to carry his show.
03/02/2012 8:21PM
knuckle draggers?
The swamp people never liked us....
03/02/2012 8:46PM
wben should be ashamed
Wben should take Limbaugh off the air now! Calling women sluts on the air, come on. Most of the women I know have used contraception. Reports say 98% of Catholic women use birth control does WBEN think Rush should call them all sluts too? WBEN I will notlisten to your station until he is gone for good. By the way Im a male and find this disgusting.
03/02/2012 9:24PM
ditto headed morons
none of these morons even Rush didnt watch the hearing cause sex wasn't even brought up! Blind leading the blind totaly get ur own minds Rush is a moron lol
03/03/2012 7:40AM
It's amazing how ignorant some people are. People like Rush Limbaugh and "If the shoe fits". It is NOT viagara-you do not take the pill every time you have sex. You have a computer,educate yourself.
03/03/2012 8:52AM
Translating Planet Wingnut
We hate sex. We hate women. We hate the idea that someone, somewhere, right this moment, might be happy. We hate ourselves.
03/03/2012 4:08PM
Rush is Right ON!
My wife was a student when I met her and she NEVER used contraception. Why? She was not sexually active. The idea that pregnancy is a disease that must be prevented is at the root of this debate. Obama thinks it is a punishment, the Left wants to prevent it or abort it, the Environmental movement things that there are just too many of us. But to make others pay for contaception (or anything for that matter) so you can enjoy, IS STILL ABSURD. Where is personal responsibility. I wish I could say it louder and clearer than Rush.
03/03/2012 4:40PM
To those against Rush...
...I have 2 words for you, Bill Mahr! Are you kidding me with your cockeyed logic that Rush is off base. Give me a break. Try compairing what he says to the hateful venom sprewed by Mahr. Nuff Said!
03/03/2012 8:50PM
While we were asleep
Brave American patriots endangered their lives to fight an oppressive government in England that abused their personal freedoms. 200 years later we are having a serious discussion about someone's "right" to take money forcibly from one citizen and use it to buy birth control just so that citizen can have sex??? Have we seriously become that lost as a nation that we cannot see how ridiculous that idea is? Birth control is NOT a right. Free housing is NOT a right. Free education is NOT a right. Free food is NOT a right. These are all individual choices that should be decided by the individual and paid for by the individual. As an American I am offended to my core that someone thinks they have the right to take what is rightfully mine in the guise of "public good" when it is for their own personal gratification. I don't expect a taxpayer in Idaho to buy my sneakers and I do not intend to pay for anyone's condoms and birth control pills. Wake up America...we have allowed the ignorant and corrupt to take our country away from us while we slept.
03/03/2012 10:18PM
Rush should not be on the regular airwaves
Rush should have his show on cable only where the rules are more lenient. The regular airwaves are not for people like Rush or Bill Maher. Health care is not free. We all pay a co pay and preventive medical care should be equal for men and women. Sex aside, birth control is prescribed in many cases for irregular or absent menstrual periods, endometriosis, menstrual cramps and many other reasons. Health coverage should not discriminate against women.
03/03/2012 10:58PM
Great job Rush... You put this on the front page where it cane be seen for what it is... A new Democrat cause to replace the old and worn out issue of Abortion, which is no longer getting all the attention and favoUrable press. If the President had not overstepped his Constitutional authority by pushing the Catholic Churches and Schools to fund the "Free Contraception" Ms Fluke would have had no cause to champion. It is her school that is not in favour of Contraception being funded or sanctioned.. Why does the Dean of her school not step forward and clear the air. This is where her fight is, not with Rush. She gave up her rights to protection from insults by speaking in the Government Forum. Does no one remember Sarah Palin being called a "Tw-t" and more by Bill Maher..? Where was the indignation from the media on that one? How can one forget that the $3000 figure was over the THREE years not One year? Besides... Birth control pills do not cost that much. I have heard that Wal-art charges less than $10 per month. Maybe someone can tell Ms Fluke to go to planned Parenthood where she can get them for FREE. Failing that, a government official took some heat because he offered a version of the old method of contraception... "Just Say No"
03/03/2012 11:11PM
Hi Really,
The Left only fixates on Sex when the Conservatives try to use it to point out something that the Left is using to change the subject. Take the focus off the real issues.. like the Debt, unemployment, Iran, murdered Americans in Afghanistan, the devaluation of the US Dollar. What do they do.. Use Nancy Pelosi to put a Straw Dog in front of a Microphone to change the subject. This Rush's greatest Media Tweak... It puts the government silliness right on the front page.
03/03/2012 11:23PM
Hi "Many MARRIED couples use contraception "
Hi Many, You are comparing Contraception to Rush's medical expenses? One big difference... Neither YOU nor the American Public has to pay for Rush's Rehab or his Cochlear Implant.
03/04/2012 1:00AM
Where Is Rush's Apolgy ?
Sorry people... Are we discussing something that has not happened?
03/04/2012 7:41AM
government has suceeded in distracting us from looking at the "CHANGE" from Republic to some form of "ism" (NDAA),affordable care act etc. while goading the religeous&conservatives to protest & be labeled as beligerent while at the same time keeping the media focus on drama like Rush's comment while unemployment &gas prices are skyhigh& rising. The only news should be of all our elected representatives telling us how they are battling those who are responsable for the NDAA & mandate to purchase anything!
03/04/2012 10:45AM
So when ed schultz called Coulter a s*&^, that was ok. When maher called Palin the "c" word that was ok. When the talking heads on the left go after conservatives that's ok. Just checking with you leftists. Was the remark out of line, was the name calling unnecessary, yes, on both sides. The issue is the total double standard by our so-called main stream media that cherry picks what is presented to the mindless lemmings who hang on every word. The coverage of the vile names Sarah Palin AND her family were subjected to on a daily basis was not covered. But, this, why every hour on the half hour we heard about this. This is a distraction and the media is right there doing the bidding.
03/04/2012 10:50AM
Free speech??
Oh my, all the OUTRAGE from the leftists here on this page. Now the call for wben to take Rush off the air. Hasn't that been the plan all along? Wasn't it barry who DEMANDED that members of Congress not listen to Rush? Why is that? Why do you people give hims such power. You know, controlling the media worked for the nazi's so I guess that's the end point. And, happy for the regime, our so called media here is willing and ready to do the biding. Just remember, you never know who they will go after next so stay in line and march lock step.
03/04/2012 11:13AM
guess my comment won't make the cut. No profanity, just a comment about the msm and how they have covered this non story non stop while comments by leftist hosts get a free pass. Welcome to pravda. And the wailing to take Rush off the air, very, very pravda. Don't like him, don't listen. Tape ed schultz or go to the left of the dial and listen to those sweet folks.
03/04/2012 11:30AM
Your daughter is a ...
How would you guys feel if those comments were directed at your family member because she happens to need a hormonal treatment provided by the pill to treat a menstral cycle related issue? Health care coverage options should not be dictated by the naive. I don't see what is free about health care. I co-pay $20 a week that adds up to $1000 per year. How many doctor visits do you need per year to justify $1000? And that is just my part of the cost. If Rush wants to slander people perhaps he should be limited to cable channels like HBO where slander is OK under the ruse of "comedy".
03/04/2012 1:15PM
Proud to be a ditto head?
The phrase "ditto head" would imply the lack of brains to think for yourself. Many of the those sheep are proving this by repeating his mistakes. Rush says women want us to pay for her pills needed for medical issues but that is an error. The issue is consistancy in heath care packages provided by employers with co-pay from the employee. Maybe those mindless sheep should follow his lead again and be man enough to admit when they are wrong. Our kids should be taught to be able to admit when they are wrong and it is OK to appologize. Also then teach those kids to use thier own brain and not to be led off of a cliff by people like Rush.
03/04/2012 1:41PM
I agree with Rush...
for the first time ever! He did the correct thing by appologizing. Many people responding on this blog seem to assume Rush knows what he is talking about. Rush has never let facts get in the way of his outrageousness. A recent error for example is talking about an abortion pill. The morning after pill is not an abortion pill. All the morning after pill does is prevent the sperm and egg from meating. If she is already pregnant, then the pill has no effect. I hope these people don't get thier information from Rush because he is just for entertainment and his show should not be confused with reality.
03/04/2012 1:44PM
The AM airwaves are not for slander
That's what pay cable is for. Put Rush on HBO only right after Bill Maher.
03/04/2012 3:35PM
Take personal responsibility and stop listening to hate speech
Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mahr, Keith Olbermann all engage in emotion-based hate speech and name-calling. Their logic (both left and right) is usually seriously flawed but their listeners enjoy feeling superior to those being denigrated. All of us would be better off getting our news and opinion pieces from better sources, regardless of our political stripes.
03/04/2012 4:28PM
wben listen
I was offended and outraged by the comments of Rush. Sandra Fluke is a private citizen,making a statement at a goverment hearing. God help us if it is our turn to speak out about something we feel so strongly about and Rush does not agree with us. I believe that she has legal recourse available to her and I hope that she uses it.
03/04/2012 8:14PM
Educate yourselves
I know "education" is now a curse word to conservatives, but they are sorely in need of one! Whether a woman has sex ONCE PER DAY or ONCE PER YEAR, the cost is the SAME! Women don't just pop a BC pill when it's time to have sex, like so many impotent copnservatives. You have to be on it continually. And by the way, once again, conservatives take the LAZY way out and don't do their homework: If you listened to the actual testimony, you'd know how it had NOTHING to do with that young woman's sexual habits AT ALL.
03/05/2012 6:03AM
Rush is right
some people talk about moral "ideals" rather than moral rules and about moral "idealism" rather than moral obedience.wben did you call out all the evil names the tv and some on radio stations calling Gods children?
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