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"Rush Apologizes for Slut Comment"
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03/03/2012 6:02PM
Rush Apologizes for Slut Comment
Should Rush have apologized?
03/03/2012 6:18PM
Not sincere apology
After he stated he was never wrong, on loan from God, such a hypocrit, who would believe him or care, he is running scared. Advertisers are listening, WBEN should listen too. This man has insulted women for years, this is just the first time he may have to pay. He is a bigot and says what he says because he can . Don't let him have a say at all anymore. Get rid of him and all the ways he incites people. All women, who are the mainstay of purchasing and care about whether or not such a bully should be able to spread his opinions, stand together, tell his sponsors no and get him off the air
03/03/2012 6:26PM
Rush had the right idea and should have toned down the wording.
03/03/2012 6:39PM
Sorry, Rush..... you need to GO.
Mr. Limbaugh apologized too little and too late. His words were spoken four days ago, and his apology is coming because women, and people who CARE about women intend to boycott his sponsors. His rude, ill mannered, and inappropriate jargon should have no place in a decent society.
03/03/2012 6:40PM
No. Rush Should Not Have Apologized
Rush is a classy gentleman. He was being generous by offering an apology.
03/03/2012 6:52PM
Give me a break
As someone who listens to Rush often, not just the clips from other outlets, I know that if he apologized it was because he realized that he did not mean to insult Ms. Fluke the person. He does make a lot of jokes, but he is not a bigot or a hater of women. If you listened to his show and understood sarcasm and using absurd ideas to highlight the absurdity of our political times, you might understand Rush.
03/03/2012 6:54PM
This man is an affront to women and always has been. I printed out the list of his sponsors and I will not EVER give them my business! Having said that, if I would call even a random patient of mine by such a demeaning term,I would be fired! What exemptshim? His apology means nothing to me...he does not mean it and he said exactly what he meant to say!
03/03/2012 7:00PM
Not sincere apology
Rather that forming your opinion...... you get it from what others tell you, what your opinion should be...... listen for yourself. He has every right to say what he said to make a point. That kind of talk happens all the time in the real world not the politically correct world. I can cite the endless double standard of the "left" getting away with far worse that what Rush said but I have a job and don’t have enough hours in the day. Rather than worrying about what words a private citizen calls another private citizen. We should all be worried about the abyss that this administration (Dems and Rep) are leading us toward.
03/03/2012 7:12PM
Rush is a disgusting human being. He is should be off the air as well as his cohort Tom B.
03/03/2012 7:18PM
Too little, too late. This is only the last in a long line of vitriolic verbiage which he has thrown out over the years under the guise of "free speech". Enough is enough---the references to wanting something for his "tax contributions" to "watch a video of the sexual acts" was beyond the pale; this is the US, not a third world country where women are demeaned on a daily basis----it is not a question of religion, or even politics---it is just a horrible assault on the dignity of women---why anyone would want to be allied with him is a complete mystery---grow up people, let's treat each other with respect notwithstanding their political or religious views----an energetic discourse is healthy; a public flogging went out with the dark ages.......
03/03/2012 7:19PM
He apologized for exercising his freedom of speech?!
I understand that the person on the other end of the comments might have felt ashamed or embarrassed by the comments Rush made, but I still have to agree with him on this one. It's bad enough that we have to pay for people who continuously abuse the welfare and public assistance system, but to contribute toward contraception for anyone other than ourselves would be ridiculous. The truth hurts sometimes...but perhaps lighter words should have been used in this situation. Regardless of what he said, if it were my daughter I would be personally offended by that choice of words. But again, he, as well as every other legal citizen of this country, is allowed to say whatever he wants. If you don't like it, don't listen.
03/03/2012 7:34PM
seriously???? Does he really believe that the only reason women may need birth control is for recreational activities??? Some women need this medicine to prevent conditions other than pregnancy AND others may not be having sex "recreationally" either. Rush only apologized because he lost so many advertisers. I hope they all stick to their principles and continue to stay away from his show. Let's hope that Rush is the only hypocrite here...
03/03/2012 7:41PM
Choice of words
All of us at some time or other say things that hurt other people and even if we apologize the hurt may never go away. But it was very foolish of this young lady to suggest that taxpayers should provide her protection so that she could enjoy unmarried sex with impunity.
03/03/2012 7:43PM
And You Think This Is Sincere ?
Once a pig, always a pig and Rush Limbaugh is a pig !
03/03/2012 8:00PM
Mr. Tacky
It wasn't meant as a personal attack? Ridiculous. That man's language becomes increasingly vile. That kind of talk does not belong on the airwaves
03/03/2012 8:02PM
Now he claims he did not mean it as a personal attack. It WAS a personal attack, plain and simple. The kind of sleazy comments he uses do not belong on the radio. He should be suspended
03/03/2012 8:19PM
Rush engages in name-calling like a middle schooler -- You're suprised?
Do you honestly believe he didn't mean calling her a sl*t and a pr*stitute as a personal attack? All he does is name-calling and personal attacks. That's his schtick. He got burned this time and is backtracking, but he'll be back at it soon enough. Honestly, the only ones listening to Rush are others who can't think in complex ways about what is going on in our country. I don't know a single intelligent conservative who pays attention to Rush. We aspire to higher sources of information. Try the National Review if you're smart enough. Smart conservatives don't listen to Rush.
03/03/2012 8:27PM
Politics as usual
The words he chose to make his point were over the top, but I could not agree more with the real meaning. He was right to apologize and the wording of his apology was completely appropriate. It truly is absurd that some Americans are required by the government to pay for other Americans personal choices. I am not for or against birth control, I am for personal choices but only if as Americans we are responsible and accountable for our individual choices and the consequences those choices bring.
03/03/2012 8:34PM
Look at the BIG picture that Rush was talking about
When, and more importantly why, did we as a nation put sex in the middle of a political debate. The debate is about government's intrusion in such personal matters as our sexual lives and conduct. Additionally, the debate should be about personal responsibility. If we get back to holding ourselves responsible for our personal conduct, we could get the government out of our personal lives and back to the important business of getting the U.S. out of debt and the economy back on track. Then, Ms Fluke will be able to afford her contraceptives, without a handout from the taxpayers.
03/03/2012 8:40PM
No apology needed
Anyone who listens to the show for more than 2 minutes understands what he is doing. The kerfuffle over this is entirely bogus.
03/03/2012 9:03PM
He should be FIRED!
Oh please, Rush apologize? Okay, who had to twist is arm?
03/03/2012 9:05PM
While we slept
Once again we are distracted by meaningless indignation while Rome is burning. While everyone is talking about Fluke and contraceptives the bigger picture of citizens being taxed to pay for other people's personal purchases is completely ignored. When did it become acceptable for the federal government to reach into one person's pocket and take their money to pay for another person's house, food, education, birth control, doctor's visit, etc? We fought a bloody revolution against England for far, far less attacks on our personal freedoms. I fear that our individual liberties are gone forever in this country. And the saddest part is that we did not lose them by being conquered, but through our own ignorance and complacency. It is a shame that so many brave American have given their lives, liberty and treasures over so many years only to have their descendants willingly give it all away.
03/03/2012 9:31PM
It's his right to form a verbal opinion of a person. Was it But loosing our freedoms is the real travesty. The passion and frustration behind the comment is understandable. We are now loosing freedoms daily. Those who want the right to choose should let everyone do so. This means no mandates. Mandate=no choice.
03/03/2012 10:44PM
I agree, right idea wrong choice of words. Maybe we should all run to testify before congress when we have to pay for something we think is to expensive. after all congress certainly has nothing else to do to take up its time.
03/03/2012 11:21PM
Rush apologizes
Rush Limbaugh has all kinds of respect and admiration for women around the world. He finds smart, strong women to be fascinating. If you listen to his program on a regular basis you will know this. The content of his program is centered around protecting all of us, male or female, white , black Asian or other races, no matter what ethnic or religious group that you belong to. In this case, I think that he originally missed the point of Ms. Fluke's argument. On the surface she sounds like she wants you and I to pay for her contraception so that she can go out and have sex every day. But when you look at what she means, you find that a woman needs to, if she takes the pill, stay on the medication continually regardless of how often she has sex. There are less expensive ways to stay protected from unplanned pregnancies however. Abstinence would cost you nothing. A condom would be much cheaper and would protect against STDs as well. But in the firestorm of offended people who attacked Rush instead of listening to what he was saying, there was a bigger point missed. That point is that Rush Limbaugh and his faithful listeners, as well as many Americans, find it more offensive that someone would even think to ask the government to pay for their contraception. Private insurance companies pay for women's contraception all of the time. But if you look into how much that you pay for your health insurance you will find that in the long run you pay for it yourself. But that is private insurance companies. It is up to them whether or not to cover contraception. If you ask me how I want my hard earned tax money to be spent, I will say national defense, law enforcement and infrastructure. I will not say to spend it on contraception for a college student at Georgetown. I don't even know anyone who has ever gone there so why should I worry about whether they are protected when having sex.
03/03/2012 11:27PM
Give me a break
If he called your mother, daughter, sister, or niece a pr*stitute,or a sl*t would you not be upset? Hello, he apologized, and he knew it was wrong. I hope she sues him for slander.
03/03/2012 11:44PM
Not Necessary
Ms Fluke should be responsible for her own actions and the American people should not have to pay for it. How embarrassed are her parents! I wonder if her phone has been overloaded with date proposals since her resent declaration. I am surprised Pres Obama would support that type of behavior as an example of an all American young woman. Is this the example we want for our Youth? Is this the example of behavior he expects for his daughters? As for Rush….. Why is he expected to apologize when someone like a Maxine Waters is never called out to make apologies for her outrageous comments? In addition, she is being paid by the American people for these offensive comments. Rush was only calling it as he saw it. Ms Fluke is another case of entitlements.
03/03/2012 11:56PM
He should not have apologized
What would you call someone who wants to be compensated (with free contraceptives) for having sex. OK, maybe Rush did use the wrong word. He should have said xxxxx. (the word was bleeped out by the website filter, but you know what it is).
03/04/2012 7:23AM
Nice cave, Rush
He who lives by the dollar dies by the dollar....losing too many sponsors, there, buddy? Or did someone threaten to Breitbart you? So much for your principles. You'll be losing me as listener because you DID "apologize".
03/04/2012 7:50AM
If anyone that should be offended by any if this, it should only be the taxpayer and citizens that are loyal to the constitution! If people want to be treated like adults, it's time they start acting like one. Instead of pawning off your responsibilities so a central authority will make your decisions.
03/04/2012 8:51AM
Rush has proven once again that he is a spineless coward
Having heard Rush denigrate this young lady on his show, it was a personal attack on the her, not satire as he has stated. He was defending his actions as recently as Friday afternoon, but as soon as the sponsors started leaving, he caved in. What a coward and a hypocrite. He is an entertainer when he wants to be according to his own statements, yet he is the voice of the National Republican party a majority of the time. Look what happened when Michael Steele(former head of the RNC) called him an entertainer to cover up for an some comments Rush had made, Steele had to apologise , on the air to Rush for saying this. His adherents(perhaps they could be called syncophants,9-12AM Mon-Fri) defend him constantly and find what he preaches to be good. He gets good ratings and is on so the sucking up and adoration goes on day to day. I have heard Sandy Beach call him out when he feels that Rush has gone over the line, but sadly he too is often in line with Rush's hyperbole.
03/04/2012 10:40AM
Why is everyone worried about Rush's "insults"but the lies of Ms Fluke before Congress $3000 would buy the pill and a condom for sex once a day everyday wifh $$$$ left over for a cigarette
03/04/2012 10:56AM
Still waiting for your talking head to apologize to Sarah Palin and her family for calling her a c**&. Still waiting. And you brillant idea to silence him is so, well, how should I say, facist to say the least. That's your answer, leftist, silence any opposition. And as for inciting, well, seems to me you single minded mob mentality leftists have a potus that does just that. "get in their faces", "bring a knife, bring a gun", "hand to hand combat in Congress if the Republicans win in 2010", "destroy your enemies" that last one was in reference to anyone on the right. And I love the words of your very own ed schultz, yea, there s a sweet guy.
03/04/2012 1:47PM
Lowlife scum
Someone introduce him to Breitbart's coke dealer.
03/04/2012 4:18PM
The double standard is the preferred tool of the mainstream media
Rush may have been a bit harsh, but let me remind you that Bill Maher can refer to Sarah Palin as a c***, and it's fair game on liberal tv. Never an apology for that, right? Didn't think so. This Fluke woman was selling the idea of casual sex without consequences on a christian school campus -- she got the treatment she deserves -- end of story. Attention liberal media elite: your desperate acts to advance the liberal agenda will not be tolerated.
03/04/2012 4:21PM
More of the same double-standard
Rush may have been a bit harsh, but let me remind you that Bill Maher can refer to Sarah Palin as (the c-word), and it's fair game on liberal tv. Never an apology for that, right? Didn't think so. This Fluke woman was selling the idea of casual sex without consequences on a christian school campus -- she got the treatment she deserves -- end of story. Attention liberal media elite: your desperate acts to advance the liberal agenda will not be tolerated.
03/04/2012 9:10PM
Double Standard?!
Bill Maher making fun of a politician is not the same as Rush insulting a private citizen. No one was "selling the idea of casual sex without consequences". You obviously have your head so far up Rush's *** that you never even listened to a word that actuyally came from Ms. Fluke's lips. But I don't expect anyone on these boards to see the unreasonableness of Rush's comments as WBEN is obviously on the air ONLY to support the right's indoctrination agenda. I regret the 1987 elimination of the FCC Fairness Doctrine. It has only given a platform to hate-spewing idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Sandy Beach.
03/05/2012 12:55AM
while we stay asleep
Mainstream media owns the show for big gvt.and while focused on the stage they set,the NDAA still exists without challenge. Shutting Rush up doesn't change the truth.
03/05/2012 3:27AM
The Immoral Rush Limbaugh Strikes Again
Limbaugh completely mischaracterized and fabricated the material content of a private citizens testimony and based on this fabrication, then went on to insinuate that she's having sex with lots of people. If that's not slander, I don't know what is. He then posts a cowardly minimal apology on his website over the weekend, which was mostly a rationalization for why he meant what he said. This was obviously done to try and stop the incoming cancellations of more and more sponsors. So far, that's not worked. Worse yet, the incredible laziness of his followers is astounding. They just take whatever he says as gospel and do absolutely no homework on their own to see if he's being truthful. Jim Jones would be jealous of Rush's influence on his audience.
03/05/2012 4:53AM
Hey wingers
You people are being played for chumps, every single day.
03/05/2012 5:23AM
The golden rule
Whatever happened to women telling the government and everyone else to "keep your hands off my ovaries"? Face it, women, the minute you start depending on the government to have any influence(financial or otherwise), in any part of your reproductive life, you'll be expected to answer to the government and any demands they have. If they pay for something, they'll demand the right to tell you how to use it. The U.S. will become like China, with women being told how many kids they can have and of which gender. That's because of the "golden rule": whoever has the gold makes the rules.
03/05/2012 5:26AM
shame on all RUSH was right about the situation Period Fluke is a fake and a lier. enjoy your sex and baby killing God is the judge. More storms on the way .because you people are not turning from your evil,digusting ways
03/05/2012 8:39AM
David Friend, Carbonite CEO:
“No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. Mr. Limbaugh, with his highly personal attacks on Miss Fluke, overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency. Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.”
03/05/2012 9:15AM
Righteous indignation from the left
So, let's just get this straight so we know the ground rules for dealing with you people. It's ok for bill mahr to call Palin a c&^t-all good. Letterman makes a vile remark about Palin's 14 year old daughter and that's ok. Your own tingle chrissy mathews wants to see Limbaugh's head explode, all good. The ever pleasant ed schultz calls Ann Coulter a s*&t-all good. And your own politicans have call conservatives everything from terrorists, hostage takers, and the over used racist. Frankly, I think this is nothing more than a diversion because your over use of the race card does not work anymore.
03/05/2012 9:53AM
Go Rush
Why should he apologize? It's silly? Stearns never apologized for anything he said. But it's the same 'ol double standard - as always - as long as you agree with the radio speaker - "He's OK". But if he disagrees - then his freedom of speech should be taken away. I think Rush was wrong for apologizing. He spoke his mind - used his choice of words - So what? Is she a sl%^t or are we so willing to compromise our values to say "hey...anything goes!" and "Lets pay for it, too."? Please....ya gotta be kidding! What are we talking about here? Rush....keep up the attack on the 'left'! (I know the left will deffinitly keep up their attacks.) It's just plain 'ol radio. It's entertainment at best.
03/05/2012 10:22AM
Time to rid the double standard!
This 30 year old Fluke chick had zero scrupples running on about her many liasions, ( remember, she's a part of the sex toys seminars organization being offered to our youth in higher education outlets) so it's doubtful she gave the Rush remarks a second thought. You better believe Rush has a reason and expected this firestorm for a specific reason, maybe we will find out this very day, think "Operation Chaos II ". As far as the dropped sponsors.....there will be a hundred to replace them, and I will boycott the departing sponsor cowards !!!!!!!
03/05/2012 10:55AM
Making fun???
Really, so it's ok to call Palin a c**t and that's supposed to be "fun". You know what, libster, you have just exposed who you people really are. Some would think that's getting rather personal but you, in your koolaid addled mind, it's all fun. Say, wasn't it a riot when letterman accused Palin of "pimping" her out her daughter while at a Yankee's game. And sure, he apologized but also said he thought it was her 18 year old daughter. What a hoot!! The real issue here is you people are so used to conservatives just sitting back and taking it. No more. And btw, since when would you people sit back and allow any "fun" to be had at one of your politicans expense without your well known, well used OUTRAGE. BTW-this woman put herself out in the public forum, she brought up her s*x life.
03/05/2012 11:09AM
he should
apperently rush doesn't know about female birth control. you take it once a day , not every time you have sex!! strange how he never talks about HIS ILLEGAL drug abuse! the man (and I use the term loosely) should be in prison. then we wouldn't have to hear his bull. congrats to the sponsers that canceled.
03/05/2012 3:02PM
Apparently those of you who find Rush's comments so offensive don't listen to his show much, but rely on sound bites and information from the left wing who hate him so much. I have listened for years to Rush and have never found him sexist or racist as he is so often accused of. Though his choice of words may have not been the best regarding Ms. Fluke, he is in absolutely correct in his assessment of her. This is another example of the entitlement mentality that so many believe in today. Since when are the rest of us responsible for the sex lives of law students? Try listening to Rush for more than 5 minutes, or at least go after the Bill Mahrs, and David Lettermans of the left when they exercise their "free speech".
03/05/2012 4:53PM
Re Carbonite
So, when ed schultz called Ann Coulter a "right wing s*&t" they didn't pull out from his show? I find that strange since the listener ship of Rush is WAAAAAY more than viewers of schultz. Perhaps the ceo is a big time limo/lear lib.
03/05/2012 6:19PM
To many on here are misinformed
People assume she wants us to pay for the pill. The issue is to whether or not include it in a health package that employers provide partial payment for as part of a weekly wage. The key word is EMPLOYER. These people are working. It's not a hand out. It's a hormonal treatment for health issues. Preventive medicine for both men and women saves money and lives. The only people that say its coming out of our tax dollars are people like Rush and Sandy. Both have a history of ignoring the facts if it will help their radio topic. Why are so many people against apologizing? Don't we teach the kids to say please, thank you and I'm sorry anymore? Rush is actually the bigger man than typical WBEN listeners this time.
03/05/2012 6:27PM
Ed Schultz
Ed was pulled from his show for a week for his inappropriate comments. Free speech is OK but cable TV and regular airwaves have different tolerances. If Rush was doing his "comedy act" on HBO, this would not have been as big an issue.
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