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"Limbaugh's Apology Latest in Political Parade"
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03/05/2012 5:52PM
Limbaugh's Apology Latest in Political Parade
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03/06/2012 6:29AM
Later Rush!!! America & The Conservatives will be better off when you're off the air!
Mr. I'm RIGHT 99.9 % of the time; was way wrong this time!!! Rush is the Conservatives biggest problem. Half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair. (he only has 1/2!!) He insults his listener's on an everyday basis, with just that one line; but the sheep continue to follow... I admit, when I need a laugh, I will tune in to see where his wheel of HATE landed for the day. He is making an obscene amount of money, being a LOUD MOUTH SCUMBAG!!! It's time for the MASTER OF SPIN,TURN,TWIST, PULL INSIDE OUT AND BACKWARDS (to try to always make the Conservatives the angels and everyone else the devil) TO GO!!!! How do people not see through that!!! I can't believe, I'm going to say this, But I know I've heard Rush say it a few times ,and it fits so well for the situation. (I'm a lady and would usually never talk this way) Looks like it's Rush's turn, to do the bending over and grabbing his ankles. I HOPE SANDRA SUES HIS SORRY A$$!!! He’s only sorry for himself!!! I'll continue to check in on Tom and Sandy's show, for awhile. But, if WBEN doesn’t drop Rush, I’m dropping WBEN.
03/06/2012 8:19AM
Good Bye WBEN
I am a Republican and Roman Catholic that is vehemently opposed to the idea of any type of government support for contraceptives. However, the language and vile personal attacks that are becoming more and more common on the Rush Limbaugh show are unacceptable in our civilized country and advances the moral decline of our society. I listened to Sandy Beach on Friday and Monday. His support for Rush's actions made me nauseous. I can no longer listen to your radio station nor will I ever support any of your sponsors.
03/06/2012 10:03AM
We're better than this...
He is a disgusting blowhard with nothing of value to offer. Take him off the air!
03/06/2012 11:22AM
The almighty holy leader of the GOP
...and remember, the GOP calls itself the "family values" party. With Limbaugh as their shining example. The Manson family maybe. Or the Addams family. Nice going, hypocrites.
03/06/2012 11:32AM
No Way.
So much for the first amendment. The left gets away with far worse comments. How about they apologize. Why doesn't the whole left apologize for the State of America.
03/06/2012 2:55PM
RE No Way.
"First Amendment" -- this is a perfect example of people who get their information from right wing sources having no idea what they're talking about. (Look at all the studies that show Fox News viewers to be extremely uninformed.) This is not a 1st Amendment issue. Limbaugh's not being brought up on criminal charges; he's merely facing the consequences of his statements. Advertisers don't want to be associated with depraved filth; the free market is working. BTW why don't YOU apologize for what George W Bush and his criminal gang did to America, which will take a generation to repair.
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