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"Commentaries And Your Opinions On Limbaugh"
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03/06/2012 6:58AM
Commentaries And Your Opinions On Limbaugh
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03/06/2012 7:27AM
she is
She is a s!@# and does not deserver a apology.
03/06/2012 8:16AM
Weak and whiny
History is full of cowards like this, bullies who get caught and punished. Mussolini, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, now this pile of hate. Now that he's exposed for what he is, he pouts and refuses to take personal responsibility for his own actions. You've been had, ditto monkeys. Played for chumps. DUMP HIM WBEN.
03/06/2012 10:04AM
Do the right thing WBEN
Your choice is clear: ditto heads or decency. Dump the chump.
03/06/2012 10:16AM
Limbaugh's arrogance
I have no lighthearted comment to add about Limbaugh. I find him to be a useless, sick, disgusting creature. What I do want to do is to request that WBEN sever it's relationship with Limbaugh. He serves no purpose other than to spread poison. I will not be listening to WBEN until Limbaugh's show is cancelled and I will be encouraging others to do the same.
03/06/2012 12:06PM
Rush Limbaugh radio
I believe that this pill-popping misanthrope should be allowed to broadcast his venom by any radio station in the Buffalo area is simply egregious. I am not just offended by his latest attack on Miss Fluke but by his long history of outrageous commentary. Also, for this serial polygamist to pose as a moral arbiter is beyond dishonest. I wish to add my name to the people calling for the removal of his program from local radio. Phillip Wilson Holmes
03/06/2012 12:50PM
I cannot believe a radio station with such high standards like WBEN is still carrying that vile, arrogant man- Rush's talk show. I am appalled at your lack of morality and righteousness!! tomas g.
03/06/2012 1:16PM
WBEN needs to take the high road on this issue and drop Rush Limbaugh from its daytime lineup. STOP ENDORSING INTOLERANCE
03/06/2012 2:29PM
Rush is a Leader
Rush has the courage to present another point of view, and should be kept. If one disagrees with the liberals they are termed mean spirited or evil. What he said was correct - the public would be forced to pay for the student having sex. By definition, thats what it is. Let the student pay for her own responsibilities and choices, as this is not a "disease". We're fortunate to have Rush, who can say what's true and stick with it. Our Junior Senator talks about gas prices. Why doesn't someone ask her about Obama's refusal to support the Canadian pipeline! The rest of her answer was rhetoric or "dreaming".
03/06/2012 2:49PM
Send a message to your advertisers WBEN
Let them know that their spots will be heard by better people after you exorcise your demon.
03/06/2012 3:55PM
Sandy Beach #1 Dittohead
Rush is bad enough, but Sandy following him with three hours of more of the same...that not only vile, it's lazy. Rush told total untruths about Ms. Fluke's testimony...and then Sandy repeated it for another 3 hours. WBEN used to be the market leader for real NEWS - not an echo chamber to repeat malicious falsehoods. Dump Rush and his sidekick Sandy ASAP. The advertiser boycott will become local very soon as long as WBEN remains silent.
03/06/2012 4:09PM
Drop Limbaugh
Get him off the air. I will not turn your station on ever again until his show is cancelled. Tell YOUR advertisers that.
03/06/2012 4:53PM
Free Speech
It always astounds me that "free speech" only applies to the left. Bill Maher can call Palin a Tw*t and suggest that Santorum's wife should use a vibrator and no one is insulted. As for advertising, these businesses advertise for the listeners, not the hosts. Ms. Pelosi accomplished what she set out to do; twist an issue about Freedom of Religon into the administration's agenda. Ms.Fluke is a tool, just a simple tool. This is what happens when a society supports a government that is a "nanny" state.
03/06/2012 4:58PM
And - why should I have to pay for your diabetes medication because you eat and drink like a pig? Why should I pay for your heart medication because you are overweight from eating fried foods all your life. I take care of myself, and have to pay for yoursloppy, lazy lifestyle. What is the difference between you and Ms Fluke?????
03/06/2012 5:01PM
Time to let him go
The time has come for WBEN to dump Rush Limbaugh. His apology was anything but sincere. His arrogance is appalling. Please do the right thing let him go.
03/06/2012 5:03PM
The Girl painted herself as such a person
After hearing the girls own words she defined herself as a freeloading loose woman (paraphrasing). Rush only stated the obvious over and over to the point of becaming boring.
03/06/2012 6:14PM
Let the air out of his tires
I will never listen to your station until he is gone.
03/06/2012 6:18PM
Dump Rush
His brand of comedy only works on cable. The most fascinating part of radio is a good debate. Six hours of lecturing from 12:00 to 6:00 just doesn't work. Both shows, Rush and Sandy, censor their shows by not allowing an opposing view on the air. Sandy will not allow people with a different opinion than his to finish a sentence without talking over the top of the caller by repeating his viewpoint over and over until commercial break. The only callers allowed to finish their thoughts are the ones that agree with Sandy word for word. See if Coast to Coast will allow a replay of the previous nights show from 12:00 to 4:00. Then figure out a way to get Sandy back on his game by allowing point, counterpoint. Sandy didn't always sound like a broken record all afternoon. Something happened where his show has gone downhill lately. You need to do something because the advertiser onslaught will soon move to local advertisers because as of last count Rush has lost 33 nationally and two stations dropped him. Rush will have to move to cable or retire.
03/06/2012 8:00PM
rush is in the bush
very often people who speak like mr limbaugh against contraceptive,are the most vicious and pigs for sex or maybe they are jealous because they can do anything with womens
03/06/2012 8:54PM
Liberal Press at work Again.
I Listened to the young womens testimony, all the time watching the SAD FACED NANCY looking on with such sorrow on her face. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! Three thousand dollars over a three year period of time. WHEN DOES SHE STUDY??? (text books that is). Condoms are free at many schools and are also free at many bars. I agree Rush did not need to use the wording he did however he made some very valid points. These same weeping students go on Spring break, go to bars, drive their own cars, and in many cases are getting help toward the expence of their education. When does it stop???? This country is becoming a nation of bottle feed babies. Stand on your own two feet, stop blaming others for your pboblems.
03/06/2012 10:49PM
Who are those nitwits?
Obviously, the short-sighted nudnicks who want WBEN to drop Rush Limbaugh don't listen very often. Why don't you all get a job with Obama as Czars? You're certainly qualified from what you're saying. The person asking why taxpayers should pay for your insulin and heart medications was exactly right. Why should I pay for Ms. Fluke's birth control, abortifacients, and sex change surgery? She's just another wannabe pig, slopping at the trough of entitlements.
03/06/2012 10:59PM
Gleefully piling on.
Aren't you fantisy loving liberals having the time of your lives.You poor saps.All you are doing is increasing Rush'es viewership. It'll all blow over.The sponsers will be back,Rush will be back at full strength.Just like Clinton did after Lewinsky,and you will be left blowing in the wind again as usual. You're all so amusing.
03/07/2012 8:18AM
Buffalo has become more progressive almost everywhere but at 930
You have Limbaugh and his clones. Completely unbalanced. Thank goodness for 1520. At least mix it up on both forums to have more of a balanced debate.
03/07/2012 8:35AM
Boycotting WBEN until it drops his show.
SO sick of the buffoon ranting and raving. We change the station as quickly as possible when we hear his voice.
03/07/2012 2:55PM
obama is a marxist
rush is right
03/07/2012 7:19PM
Rush Rules
WBEN needs Rush. Do you think the folks tune in to hear the Traffic on the 10's. Come on it's Buffalo how much traffic could we possibly have.
03/07/2012 9:34PM
There's more people lisining to Rush Limbough then ever.People who never tune in to Rush are dialing in to see what it's all about. They find that they're getting the truth.Keep it up Libs.As Rush has been saying,"This is hilarious" Keep up the name calling.This also helps.We clones love it.
03/07/2012 9:57PM
to gleefully piling on!!!!
Maybe you should get a dictionary---or do you like rush because he also is like you!!!!!
03/08/2012 7:16AM
I've always wondered
If the obvious liberals posting here get paid for it, since they clearly never actually listen to Rush or WBEN for that matter. Is there a service paying people to troll websites for stations like this? Rush couldn't care less about the advertisers; he has more of them begging to get on the air than he will ever have time to schedule in, a few less hardly matters. Those attacking him first off obviously never actually heard what he said in context and secondly have never even considered what a plant/set up Ms. Fluke was from the start. She isn't an expert on anything, except maybe being an operative/activist for liberals. As a closing comment, it's hard to miss that the left universally wants to silence, gag, drive off the air and otherwise shut up anyone who disagrees with them...some champions of free speech. "You can say whatever you like; so long as I agree with it!"
03/08/2012 10:44AM
More offensive than Dr. Laura. And she was fired.
there is no maybe on this one. Drop Rush. My sister was prescribed birth control pills and needed them for 12 years for severe menstrual cramps. She is no S***. Drop your association with this profane man.
03/08/2012 3:23PM
Where is WBEN"s respnse to Limbaugh' disgusting comment?
I have read all the comments you have posted and I do not see any response as to what the Station is thinking. You have a responsability to your listeners as to what we have to listen to and personally I am through listening. HE IS STILL On THE AIR. He is arrogant, disgusting, and everything that comes out of his mouth. TRASH!!!
03/08/2012 3:44PM
HUGE Rush Fan
Here's the reverse. If your radio station ever does dump Rush I will never listen again. Rush is Right! That idiot girl should not be expecting the government or health insurance pay for her sex. If she can't afford contraception, she should not be sexually active. I only wish Rush had never apologized.
03/08/2012 3:47PM
Rush is Right!
Here's the reverse. If your radio station ever does dump Rush I will never listen again. Rush is Right! That idiot girl should not be expecting the government or health insurance pay for her habits. If she can't afford contraception, sheshould not be sexually active. I only wish Rush had never apologized.
03/08/2012 6:06PM
Ashamed of WBEN - once a fine station
Sadly, WBEN has significantly deteriorated as a radio station. It's one thing to have a 'conservative' point of view, it's quite another to be fomenting the kind of intolerance that WBEN now fosters with Kathy 'Birther' Weppner, Tom Bauerle and Sandy Beach as well as Rush Limbaugh. Even their Financial Guys show on Saturday picks up where Weppner leaves off - calling the President treasonous etc. I guess the market being nearly 13000, up from 7500 when Pres. George Bush left office must be a sign of how much the current President is ruining the country. Sad that WBEN has sunk to such levels.
03/08/2012 6:48PM
Ms Fluke had to be a set-up to get politics off the news for a day or so
Fluke maybe as she states, but is very foolish not to get paid if she is that active. Rush is right calling her what she basically called herself. Thanks for being sorry for going on for three day with the subject. I just hope the President contacts Conservative Women who have encountered the same name calling. Come to think of it I don't know any Conservative Women who would be stupid enough to bring it on themselves.
03/09/2012 9:13AM
No Limbaugh Love
This clown has the constitutional right to spew this garbage. But we also have the right to hate it. As far as WBEN goes, it has become a total right-wing station. However, Sandy is NOT the same quality as Rush, even though he spews the same opinions. I personally think that Sandy and Tom are actually human beings, although close-minded. If they didn't parrot Rush's opinions, someone else would be sitting in their places spewing them.
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