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"Fight for 107th Jobs Begins"
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03/07/2012 5:34PM
Fight for 107th Jobs Begins
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03/08/2012 8:41AM
History & Our Politicians in regards to the NFIARS
Tom I know you are a "History" buff and might appreciate the lack of history knowledge by our politicians. the problems at the NFIAP started years ago when 107th lost the KC-135s and the Air Force took the brand new C-130s from the 914th. Do you remember who our Senators were? Yes you are correct - Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer! The real issues were that our representatives didn't stand up for the region but compromised with the BRAC commission to save Niagara. SAVE what? The AF needed planes (brand new planes) without spending $$$$ for the C-130s. THey went to Little Rock AFB, yes that's in Arkansas (oh yeh - Bill and Hillary territory) I wonder what she voted for? Oh yes, they said the weather was better in Little Rock than Niagara! Weather better in Arkansas, give me a break, rain, thunderstorms, tornado alley, down drafts versus SNOW at Niagara. THe 107th had refuelers (the KC-135s) that they lost to an Air base in Maine. How did they loose - just one of the issues was that the base in Maine had more fuel capacity! A blatant lie - fuel capacity in Maine - no pipe lines in Maine. Truck or barge to get the fuel to the state. More storage capacity at Niagara - congrats to Susan Collins and Olympia Snow - thanks Hillary. So here we are NIMAC hustling to save jobs, save the base, save the are area and where are politicians? Oh yes - Hillary was replaced by Gillabrand - oh yah she must represent ALL of New York (didn't Chuck tell her) Speaking of Chuck - has he said anything about the base? How Louise - she was standing there making speeches about saving Niagara - where is she now? Brian Higgins - where are you? Most importantly - who is that lady that sits on the Armed Forces committee (Kathy Hochul - don't rock the boat, do you know the difference between a 130 and a 135? Cyber security? yes important but it doesnt have airplanes and those more important senators and reps from Texas, Alabama and Mississippi will get the planes. Better weather.Wake up politicians - the 914th can't do it alone, they fly the missions (best in Iraq among active and reserves), best people and sacrifices. Also NIMAC fighting for all of us because they believe in our Air Force and people. Stand up Politicians before we loose more jobs and planes but the politics was more important than learning the HISTORY lesson.
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