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"Rochester Professor Feels Heat for Backing Rush"
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03/08/2012 5:36PM
Rochester Professor Feels Heat for Backing Rush
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03/09/2012 8:03AM
Not a First Amendment issue.
He can say really stupid misogynistic things and not face legal jeopardy. He cannot say really stupid misogynistic things and not reveal himself as a really stupid, Limbaughesque misogynist. He's probably in the closet anyway like most of Limbaugh's idiot worshipers. BTW why is that pig still polluting our airwaves? DUMP HIM WBEN
03/09/2012 1:01PM
Seligman the classic liberal
Not surprised to read RU president misrepresent your open view point with his obvious biased liberal one. Refreshing to read Mr. Landsburg has an open mind to both sides. Sad to see people like Mr Seligman with so much power and influence get a free pass to spread his toxic ideology.
03/09/2012 2:46PM
Go figure
The GOP declares open war on women, then immediately whine that all the victims of their aggression are men. Nice going once again, wingnuts.
03/09/2012 3:23PM
Not a First Amendment Issue=Not a clue
"He's probably in the closet anyway..." wow -Way to class up your argument(by argument I mean your hate-filled uninformative rant). I am sure they LGBT community appreciates your derogatory nature. Hypocrite much? I bet in your mind free speech only applies to OWS. If you don't like Limbaugh or what someone says...don't listen.
03/09/2012 4:10PM
Please, Enough Lib Views
I'm sick of listening to all the righteous lib views. They've done a great job of helping take this country into the gutter. It's OK when they use obscenities on a conservative, but when a conservative speaks his /her mind they suddenlydecide it's time to get on their horse & preach. The student that spoke to congress, pays 45 to 50 thousand a year for tuition. Now we're suppose to pay for her sex life??
03/09/2012 6:53PM
Well, what did you expect?
Yhe proper thing for Landsburg to do is to apologize to the whole world then go out to the parking lot and set himself on fire.
03/10/2012 9:04AM
To Please, Enough Lib Views
If you just want lies that reinforce your misinformed worldview, you just keep on listening to Rush and Fox "News" and they'll maintain your illusions for you. They're well paid to tell you lies.
03/10/2012 10:56AM
RE Not a clue
"I bet in your mind free speech only applies to OWS." Free speech applies to all Americans; so do the consequences of saying stupid, hateful things like your boy Rush does each and every day.
03/11/2012 12:17AM
Seligman should stay out of politics
Mr. Selgiman should worry about his own students and stop worrying about another at a different college. I highly doubt he is "outraged" over what's happened to her. The only thing he is outraged about is that he doesn't agree with Mr. Landsburg's views. So he issues a statement, for no apparent reason, worse yet, a statement that misrepresents what Mr. Landsburg is saying at that. Mr. Landsburg is qualified to speak on such issues and makes a valid point-- and VERY clearly states he does not condone using such language. Mr. Seligman should stop causing problems for his school and students and get back to work.
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