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"Batavia School Fight Briefly on Facebook"
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03/09/2012 4:55PM
Batavia School Fight Briefly on Facebook
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03/09/2012 9:06PM
Kids being kids
And Whats the problem with kids growing up...it happens every day
03/10/2012 11:52AM
speech classes for Miss S.Higgins
Miss Higgins should take some speech classes from Ruby Taylor as Miss Higgins ,fails to speak clearly.
03/10/2012 1:49PM
"Puzio assures paernts the fight was nothing out of the ordinary? " Seriously ?
Did she mean to say that there are fights at the middle school all the time? What's the point of having a spokesperson for the school district if she makes it sound so bad? I think it's time to change leadership .
03/10/2012 3:05PM
You gotta love white trash
03/10/2012 4:55PM
It was a fight, hopefully their parents and the school will handle this. It doesn't need to be kept on the news day after day!!
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